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Queensland Government

A Customer Success Story.

The IT branch of a Queensland Government department was spending an entire day to migrate code between Oracle environments. Using manual methods also introduced errors, which resulted in rework and another day to migrate the code.


Enterprises need to deliver faster, increase quality, and reduce the cost and risk associated with software delivery. FlexDeploy is a DevOps Platform for Continuous Delivery and Release Automation which supports traditional and agile software methodologies, can be used with open source and commercial technologies, and provides value to organizations of all sizes. FlexDeploy streamlines deployment and release pipelines across on premises and cloud environments, reducing errors, outages, and time to market.

With FlexDeploy, organizations can:

  • Automate and standardise the provisioning, build, deploy and release lifecycle across environments.
  • Speed up the delivery of software, better meeting internal and external customer needs.
  • Decrease costs associated with building and maintaining scripts, performing manual steps, and troubleshooting
  • Reduce errors and lower the risk of deployment failure and environment outages.
  • Gain visibility into the who, what, when, and where across all environments and applications.
  • Improve team satisfaction by reducing stress and allowing staff to perform more valuable and enjoyable work

FlexDeploy Features throughout the Build, Deploy, Release Lifecycle

  • Build Automation and Continuous Integration includes out of the box build and packaging, an artifact repository, and continuous integration features which automate and eliminate complexity for Oracle SOA Suite and other technologies. FlexDeploy supports traditional builds and enables continuous integration for infrastructure, database, middleware, and applications.
  • Deployment Automation supports deployment of Oracle SOA Suite components and related server management operations, resulting in fast, repeatable, and high-quality changes across test and production environments.
  • Release Pipeline Orchestration features streamline and orchestrate the end-to-end software delivery process. Pipelines define each stage and include automated and manual gates and steps to enforce rigor and repeatability including approvals, scheduling, notifications, and automated and manual testing.
  • Tracking, Reporting, and Dashboards provide visibility throughout the planning, release, and monitoring process. Dashboards and reports provide insight to real-time and historical information, and improve decision making, troubleshooting, audit compliance, and continuous learning and improvements

“We went from needing one entire day to migrate between environments and needing lots of testing and rework to just 30 minutes without the introduction of any errors. We have been using FlexDeploy for three years with a very high level of confidence now and are planning to use it for all our major systems. It has been a great investment for us.”

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