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Simplify and Enable DevOps for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications 

When it comes to DevOps for Oracle Cloud Fusion Applications (ERP, HCM, SCM, CX Sales and CX Service), managing configurations across instances is a critical challenge. Oracle’s Functional Setup Manager (FSM) plays a role in facilitating the export of various setup tasks, fast formulas, flexfields, value sets, and lookups. Even with FSM, the process of managing hundreds of tasks across multiple instances can be arduous and significantly hinder the pace of delivery. 

Welcome to the future of efficient and secure deployments for your Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications

In a recent webinar, FlexDeploy showcased the comprehensive DevOps solution for Oracle Fusion Cloud applications, emphasizing the optimization of business systems through automating manual activities and implementing DevOps.  

In this webinar, we explored:

  • The challenges of managing configurations across multiple Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications instances.
  • How traditional methods like Oracle’s Functional Setup Manager (FSM) can be cumbersome for large-scale deployments.
  • The benefits of implementing DevOps practices for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications.
  • How to leverage FlexDeploy, a comprehensive DevOps solution, to automate manual tasks and streamline the delivery lifecycle.

Topics discussed:

  • The Roadblocks to Efficient Configuration Management:
    • Complexity of managing configurations across numerous instances.
    • Limitations of manual processes and their impact on delivery speed.
  • Revolutionizing Delivery with DevOps:
    • Understanding the core principles of DevOps for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications.
    • How automation empowers faster and more reliable deployments.
  • FlexDeploy: Your Key to Streamlined DevOps:
    • Automating tasks, building packages, and deploying across environments.
    • Integrating with existing toolchains and maintaining compliance.
  • Real-World Examples and Use Cases:
    • Practical applications of FlexDeploy in various scenarios.
    • Seeing the benefits of DevOps in action.

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Questions covered in the webinar:

How does FlexDeploy’s solution address and mitigate the challenges associated with managing configurations across multiple instances of Oracle Fusion Applications? 

FlexDeploy provides a unified platform for automating the migration of setup tasks. This enables organizations to streamline their development processes and avoid manual deployments, ultimately saving time and enhancing operational efficiencies. Additionally, FlexDeploy’s capability to automate the export and import of setup tasks, including fast formulas and flexfields, together with the ability to apply filter criteria, contributes to mitigating the arduous process of managing numerous tasks across different instances, optimizing business systems within the Oracle Fusion Applications ecosystem. 

Can you provide more details on how FlexDeploy’s automated and auditable pipeline ensures traceability at the task level, as well as complete visibility into configuration changes across instances? 

FlexDeploy’s automated and auditable pipeline architecture ensures meticulous traceability at the task level, offering comprehensive visibility into configuration changes across instances. This is achieved through the platform’s collaborative, organized, and extensible nature, which allows for seamless tracking of incidents and changes throughout the software development lifecycle. By automating manual activities and establishing repeatable processes, FlexDeploy facilitates complete transparency and accountability, addressing complexities inherent in the development and delivery process. This level of traceability and visibility reinforces the platform’s commitment to reducing errors, outages, and time-to-market while providing the necessary controls and visibility demanded by organizations today. 

Are there specific case studies or success stories that demonstrate the tangible impact of implementing FlexDeploy’s comprehensive DevOps platform for Oracle Fusion applications? 

Certainly! One tangible success story that exemplifies the impactful implementation of FlexDeploy’s comprehensive DevOps platform for Oracle Fusion Cloud applications involves a company’s migration of Oracle Business Intelligence products. By leveraging FlexDeploy’s capabilities, the company seamlessly incorporated CI/CD best practices into the software development lifecycle, resulting in streamlined processes and improved operational efficiency. This case study underscores the real-world benefits and practical application of FlexDeploy’s platform within the context of Oracle Fusion Cloud applications. 

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FlexDeploy revolutionizes the landscape by bringing DevOps to Oracle Fusion Applications. With FlexDeploy, the ability to inventory tasks into the file catalog for package utilization is streamlined, extending the capabilities of FSM by grouping tasks within packages. This enables the swift delivery of packages and their tasks across the delivery lifecycle through an automated and auditable pipeline, ensuring traceability at the task level and complete visibility into configuration changes their respective instances. 

A Platform Designed for Oracle Cloud Application DevOps

FlexDeploy further extends Oracle Cloud Applications through native automation plugins for Oracle integration and API gateway, Oracle OTBI and BIP, low-code APEX, and several other Oracle technologies. As demonstrated, this comprehensive DevOps platform simplifies the building, deploying, and migrating of artifacts, objects, files, snapshots, and packages with built-in change detection, empowering organizations to optimize their software delivery performance while mitigating security and compliance risks. 

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Simplify and Enable DevOps for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications

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