Workflows vs Pipelines

What's the difference between a workflow and a pipeline? We explain!

FlexDeploy and Jenkins

Flexagon President Dan Goerdt explains how FlexDeploy works and integrates with Jenkins.

What can be automated with FlexDeploy?

Here's a break down of the automation possibilities with the FlexDeploy DevOps platform.

Common Integrations with FlexDeploy

These are some of the most commonly used plugins in FlexDeploy's extensive library.

What are REST APIs?

What are REST APIs and why are they so important? A Flexagon software developer explains.

Continuous Delivery vs. Continuous Deployment

An important distinction to make, especially when implementing and developing DevOps.

What is Continuous Integration?

What is continuous integration and why is it beneficial for companies to implement?

Are DevOps and CI/CD actually important?

Are DevOps and CI/CD really that important? Or are they just shiny objects?

What is a Container?

An explanation of containers and their importance to software development and delivery.

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