FlexDeploy for E-Business Suite: Release & Pipeline

Learn how the FlexDeploy for Oracle E-Business-Suite DevOps Platform is married with release and pipeline...

FlexDeploy for E-Business Suite

Utilize full native support to better manage your E-Business Suite implementations.

FlexDeploy for Oracle BI

Out-of-the-box support for OBIEE, OAS, and OTBI incorporates CI/CD best practices.

FlexDeploy for Cloud IaaS Provisioning

Quickly and easily deploy Infrastructure as a Service Instances with the IaaS plugin.

FlexDeploy for MuleSoft

Extensive support brings automation, controls and visibility to MuleSoft implementations.

FlexDeploy for the Oracle Cloud

Cloud resource provisioning, configuration management, and full automation.

FlexDeploy for Oracle APEX

A simple way to build, deploy and test APEX applications.

FlexDeploy for Salesforce

Automated, repeatable methods to make changes across sandbox, test and prod environments.

FlexDeploy for Oracle Integration Cloud

Configure, manage, deploy and test OIC artifacts as they're promoted through environments.

FlexDeploy for Oracle CX Commerce Cloud

Schedule, manage and report on deployments of user interface files to OCC instances.

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