FlexDeploy Data Sheet

FlexDeploy is a market leading DevOps and Application Release Automation product, which standardizes and automates software provisioning, build, deploy, test, and release processes.

FlexDeploy Differentiators

This paper compares FlexDeploy to other commercial and open-source DevOps and Application Release Automation solutions.

Advanced Pipelines and Release Automation

This paper outlines FlexDeploy’s advanced pipeline and release automation capabilities.

Oracle Database Changes

This paper outlines FlexDeploy’s support for Oracle Database.

Support for Oracle BI

This paper outlines FlexDeploy’s support for Oracle Business Intelligence.

FlexDeploy for MuleSoft

This paper outlines FlexDeploy’s support for MuleSoft.

FlexDeploy v. PPM/Kintana for Oracle EBS

Comparing FlexDeploy and PPM/Kintana’s support for Oracle E-Business Suite.

DevOps and Continuous Delivery ROI

This paper offers advice on calculating potential ROI when using DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and Application Release Automation technology.

Agentless Architecture in a DevOps World

FlexDeploy has an agentless architecture, which is a big benefit to customers. Find out why.

FlexDeploy for Continuous Delivery and Release Automation

Continuous Delivery and Release Automation with FlexDeploy equips IT teams with the tools needed to meet business demands.

FlexDeploy for Oracle E-Business Suite

FlexDeploy has extensive and robust support for Oracle E-Business Suite.

E-Business Suite Upgrades

This paper outlines FlexDeploy’s support for upgrades to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.x.

Modernizing Software Delivery

Pella corporation relied on FlexDeploy to standardize repeatable processes across their software delivery.

A Comprehensive Solution

In order to improve the speed, quality, and cost of delivering software, Charter Manufacturing leaned on FlexDeploy.

One Platform for All

Amway needed a tool that could set them up for an enterprise-wide DevOps strategy. They chose FlexDeploy.

Automated and Repeatable

Starkey needed a solution that could provide accountability, process control, repeatability, and better collaboration. They found it with FlexDeploy.

Powering Business Growth

Powering Business Growth This global food manufacturer utilized FlexDeploy to position them to meet an aggressive business growth strategy.

FlexDeploy for Oracle Cloud

FlexDeploy has extensive support for cloud resource provisioning, configuration management, build, deploy, and release automation across Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and on prem.

FlexDeploy for Salesforce

This paper outlines FlexDeploy’s support for the popular SaaS based CRM Salesforce.

Expanding Delivery Automation

How one high-tech company was able to automate their delivery processes, enable Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, and drive efficiencies to their Oracle stack using FlexDeploy.

Consistency with a Scalable Automation Platform

Takeda needed to find a solution to time consuming deployments that could meet the needs of their growing business. The chose FlexDeploy.

FlexDeploy for Oracle Fusion Middleware

FlexDeploy’s support for Oracle Fusion Middleware is second to none.

The Need for Speed, at Scale

One innovative technology company had a reputation for delivering automation solutions for their customers. Internally, they knew they needed an automation solution to help their IT team delivery at the speed of business.

FlexDeploy for Oracle APEX

This paper outlines FlexDeploy’s support for Oracle APEX.

FlexDeploy for OIC and APIs

This paper outlines FlexDeploy’s support for Oracle OIC and APIs.

Jenkins v. FlexDeploy

This paper outlines how FlexDeploy compares to and compliments Jenkins.

Simplifying Processes and Lives

This manufacturer needed to reduce deployment errors, increase visibility, and eliminate manual tasks. Read why they chose FlexDeploy.

A Need for Automated Project Delivery

Nuance needed to eliminate manual tasks, decrease reliance on the DBA team, and increase communication to increase speed of delivery. Read why they chose FlexDeploy.

EBS Development Tips

Get the top DevOps tips for Oracle EBS applications in this eBook!

Fueling the Growth in Demand for BI

One Global Food Manufacturer was feeling the demand for both operational and analytical reporting increase, causing their workload to balloon. A change was needed.

Solving Complex Challenges

One biotech company used FlexDeploy to accelerate development and delivery, improve team productivity, and deliver important software improvements and upgrades at the speed of business.

Using FlexDeploy with OIC

This manufacturing company adopted Oracle Integration Cloud and then utilized the FlexDeploy platform for their OIC implementation.

Delivering More Rapidly and Reliably

Kainga Ora’s manual and scripted processes had negative effects across the team and organization. With FlexDeploy, they continued to grow and realized streamlined releases and continuous processes.

Quicker, Slicker, and More Reliable Processes

Heathrow identified an opportunity to make their processes more efficient. With FlexDeploy, they transformed their processes and described them as "quicker, slicker, and more reliable."

Queensland Government

The IT branch of a Queensland Government Department found their manual processes were error prone and were taking too long to migrate code between Oracle environments. They needed another solution.

DevOps for Salesforce

DevOps for Salesforce is long overdue! With DevOps, you can automate your Salesforce deployments and streamline your SDLC. Discover the 3 types of Salesforce DevOps tools in this eBook.

DevOps for Developers

This practical guide outlines the basics of DevOps and gives tips and tricks to gain enthusiasm from your team and support from leadership. Discover how to build a case for DevOps in this eBook