Deployment Automation

Automate deployments for speed and agility, quality and cost improvements

Deliver better quality software faster

Consistently deploying applications across standardized environments is a must-have for achieving speed and quality of application delivery. Ironically, most teams still rely on hard-coded scripts and manual activities.  Development, Operations, and Release Management teams want to eliminate error-prone and time consuming manual and scripted deployment processes to achieve high velocity and scale, and keep up with customer and business demands.

See how Starkey used automation to decrease deployment time by 5X.

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Before Deployment Automation

Slow and error-prone changes across all environments, leading to unhappy IT leaders, Business, and Customers.
Manual activities and script development/maintenance is costly, reducing the time spent on activities which directly contribute to business value.
Deployments into test and production environments are error-prone, negatively impacting business results and increasing the time spent troubleshooting and rectifying deployment related outages.
Employee satisfaction tanks because developers and other highly-skilled professionals spend time on lower-level activities which do not utilize their skills.
Poor visibility to changes and too much time spent figuring out what’s deployed where, when changes were made, and who made the changes.

After Deployment Automation

Increased speed and agility of software delivery results in the ability to deliver consistently, more often, and reduce the feedback cycle.
Development, Operations, and Supporting teams can focus their talents and energy on applications and services versus lower-level tooling and manual activities.
Automated deployments reduce errors, time spent troubleshooting, and the negative impact of outages across test and production environments.
Employee satisfaction and retention improve significantly. Development and IT professionals do what they do best, and avoid the stressful nights and weekends dealing with production releases and issues.
Visibility across the pipeline means IT teams have the information they need at their fingertips.

FlexDeploy’s extensive deployment automation – the key to speed, quality, and cost improvements

Whether using traditional waterfall or continuous delivery, deployment automation is the anchor to a platform for successfully delivering software and applications fast and with high quality. FlexDeploy includes powerful deployment automation features across infrastructure, database, middleware, and application tiers. Pre-build plugins work in concert with the workflow orchestration engine to deliver fast, repeatable processes with the controls and visibility needed for successful delivery and maintenance of software-based solutions running on premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid architectures.

Don’t rely on hard-coded scripts and manual activities

Download our free case study to see how Starkey used automation to decrease deployment time by 5X.

Download the Case Study

Learn how FlexDeploy can help you deliver better quality software faster, with less cost and risk.

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