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Oracle / Business Intelligence and Analytics

Automate the Migration of Objects and Files Across Environments

Migrating objects such as reports, dashboards, and metadata can be a complex and time-consuming process.
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global leaders Trust flexdeploy for end-to-end devops

Speed. Consistency. Visibility.

Powerful, scalable, approachable

FlexDeploy for Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle Analytics makes it easy to fully automate the deployment of objects across environments while applying governance and controls and gaining visibility.

Automate the migration of BI and Analytics objects

Streamline CI/CD workflows and release pipeline

Support your preferred DevOps toolchain

Easily view and manage state of environments with dashboard and reports

Operational Efficiency

Automation increases control and empowerment, and time to provide Business Intelligence solutions

Fueling the growth in demand for BI

FlexDeploy’s out-of-box support for OBIEE, Cloud OTBI, and Oracle Database has fully automated our deployment process. Now we focus on what we love to do, providing BI solutions vs the manual work of administering changes across environments.

Why BI and Analytics users choose FlexDeploy

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Technology automation plugins

Native plugins for Oracle BI, Oracle Transactional BI (OTBI), Oracle Data Integrator, and Oracle Analytics Cloud to automate migration and deployment.

Automated migration process

Automate the migration of Web Catalog objects and RPD files across environments, improving speed and reducing the need for manual activity.

Package-based deployment model

Pick and choose objects, assemble related catalog objects into a package, build from source or development environment, and deploy to target environment.

Dynamic packages

Create packages based on customizable rules and criteria, include or exclude based on object attributes such as object type, folder structure, metadata properties, or naming conventions.

Pipeline governance and visibility

Create and utilize complete CI/CD pipelines, integrating test, approvals, and notifications as needed to ensure quality in delivery. View the progression of your migrations across environments.

Security and compliance

Introduce and enforce security measures such as user authentication, role-based access control and security scanning to protect from internal and external threats.

Customizable dashboard and insights

Easily view and manage the state of environments with dashboards and reports, allowing users to complete visibility across the lifecycle.

The latest on FlexDeploy, Business Intelligence, and Analytics

FlexDeploy for Oracle BI

Out-of-the-box support for OBIEE, OAS, and OTBI incorporates CI/CD best practices.


In order to improve the speed, quality, and cost of delivering software, Charter Manufacturing leaned on FlexDeploy.

Using FlexDeploy for OIC

This manufacturing company adopted Oracle Integration Cloud and then utilized the FlexDeploy platform for their OIC implementation.

Get rapid innovation amid complex environments including Oracle Business Intelligence and Analytics.