FlexDeploy Enables any Enterprise Platform Right Out of the Box

One-Click Integration for End-to-End DevOps

FlexDeploy unifies all of your DevOps responsibilities into a single solution. We take the larger roles of build automation, continuous integration, artifact management, deployment automation and release orchestration into account. That result is an end-to-end solution that’s tool and platform agnostic.

A diagram of how Flexagon's FlexDeploy platform supports enterprise DevOps teams across the development lifecycle. It shows that FlexDeploy covers continuous delivery and release automation which orchestrates and streamlines the planning lifecycle through operations and monitoring. FlexDeploy integrates your toolchain and provides a comprehensive solution for build automation and continuous integration, deployment automation, and release orchestration. With FlexDeploy, you gain security, governance, compliance, and visibility of your plugins, tools, and integrations for commercial and open-source technologies, including Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce.

The Answer to Your Business Challenges

FlexDeploy supports teams in achieving current business goals and future aspirations. It’s the do-it-all platform powering the full promise of DevOps for open systems and enterprise platforms (Oracle, Salesforce, SAP).

Extend Collaboration and Visibility

FlexDeploy is the bridge that connects DevOps teams and enterprise platforms. Through seamless integration we streamline development process, enable efficient collaboration and visibility across teams and business stakeholders.

Simplify Change with Out-Of-Box Plugins and Integrations

FlexDeploy is the constant in your DevOps process. Because it integrates with any enterprise platform, it quickly adapts and scales as your organization evolves its tech foundations.

Deliver Secure Software Faster

Enable your team with automated development and delivery, built-in security, and infrastructure automation to yield measurable results with improved software delivery performance.

Drive End-to-End DevOps Foundations Across Teams

FlexDeploy supports the foundational DevOps methodologies of planning, coding, building, testing, releasing, deploying, operating, and monitoring, accommodating your preferred DevOps tools.

FlexDeploy is the best choice for enterprises looking to improve their DevOps capabilities across both open and business systems.
36X faster deployments
FlexDeploy Transitions Global Company from On-Prem to Cloud
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Trusted by the largest brands around the globe

Help Your Toolchain Work Together — And Better

FlexDeploy has a massive library of plugins that eliminate time-consuming manual and scripted processes and integration with tools across the delivery lifecycle, allowing users to seamlessly integrate their pipeline into one common platform. Plus, FlexDeploy has built-in frameworks, webhooks and REST APIs to power even greater results.

DevOps for Oracle

Learn how FlexDeploy reduces the burden of manual and scripted Oracle processes.

DevOps for Salesforce

How to implement DevOps for Salesforce to increase speed and efficiency.

DevOps for SAP

13 tips to help you maintain and customize SAP in less time, with fewer manual tasks.

One Platform To Integrate It All

See why you should turn to FlexDeploy for whatever you use or do in DevOps. 

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