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Category: Third Party Integrations

Integrating ACCELQ with FlexDeploy for Seamless Test Automation

ACCELQ is a cloud-based, continuous testing platform that offers codeless test automation for web, mobile, API, desktop, and packaged applications….

Mastering Source Control: Streamlining Functional Setup Data Sync with FlexDeploy and Git Integration in Oracle FSM

Effective source control management (SCM) is pivotal in ensuring the seamless tracking and management of functional setup data. In this…


Why Kintana Isn’t a Long-Term Viability for Enterprises

Organizations that move from Kintana to FlexDeploy’s richer feature set experience major gains in productivity.

OWASP Scanning in FlexDeploy

If you’ve been looking for a quick scanner that provides insight into the libraries referenced from your builds, chances are…

Ensure High-Quality Salesforce Delivery with Selenium Test Automation

In this blog article, we will discuss FlexDeploy’s integration with Selenium for Salesforce test automation. Selenium is one of the…

Open and Extensible: The Core of FlexDeploy’s Philosophy

Wind back the clock to the first days of Flexagon.  We faced the dilemma of which platforms, technologies, and toolchain…

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