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FlexDeploy now available!

Flexagon has released FlexDeploy which includes enhanced platform features and plugins, and user experience improvements. This release includes ongoing investments to solve complex challenges with enterprise software platforms such as Salesforce and Oracle. In this blog, we’ll cover some release highlights. For more detailed information, be sure to check out the Release Notes for complete details.

Salesforce Enhancements

FlexDeploy includes multiple enhancements for Salesforce. A few notable enhancements include:

  • a UI wizard for package object selection
  • UX improvements for Org Management
  • a new CI trigger to auto-populate Salesforce package metadata to improve performance
  • more granular support for custom labels
  • the ability to view file content for packages
  • the ability to add files to an ignore list

We recognize that Salesforce is fundamental to your business, but migrating changes across environments is often time-consuming, costly and jeopardizes quality of delivery.  We’re committed to helping you automate and streamline the development and delivery process with DevOps. For a comprehensive review of FlexDeploy’s support for Salesforce, read Continuous Integration and Deployment for Salesforce and the FlexDeploy Loves Salesforce blog series.


FlexDeploy provides additional enhancements to address the challenges Siebel customers face with time-consuming, manual, and error-prone process. Without FlexDeploy, the process involves manually creating connections and migration plans in the Siebel migration application and copying watermark, zip, and other files between source and target servers. FlexDeploy’s out-of-the-box support for Siebel changes that by automating the movement of Siebel related objects and includes the ability to execute incremental repository migrations using the FlexDeploy Siebel plugin.

In addition to making it easy to automate the deployment of customizations across environments, FlexDeploy’s platform features can be used to apply governance and gain visibility across the lifecycle.

Read this FlexDeploy for Siebel blog article for additional information.

 GitLab and GitHub Issue Tracking Integration

FlexDeploy has extensive integrations with some of the more popular agile planning and issue tracking tools like Jira and Azure Boards. This provides seamless integration, creating a rich and powerful user experience for both agile and traditional software delivery methodologies. FlexDeploy includes robust integrations for both GitLab and GitHub.

Read this blog post to learn more about these integrations.

 Plugin and Integration Enhancements

We continue investing in out-of-the-box solutions for technology ecosystems and toolchain categories for all aspects of DevSecOps. The following plugins have been updated in this release: Oracle Data Integrator, utPLSQL, CyberArk, Siebel, and Salesforce.

Project Package Enhancements

Package features are nothing new to FlexDeploy, enabling users to define a list of files to be used during a build request or with a release definition. FlexDeploy includes the ability to copy and/or move files to other Packages and hyperlink to source control files included in a Package. This makes it easy to move files between packages, and gives users additional options to manage the files in a package.

 Platform Features and other Enhancements

  • FlexDeploy now comes with a Terraform-based solution for automating the FlexDeploy installation and upgrade processes. Removing manual steps from these processes makes it faster and more efficient to install and upgrade FlexDeploy, eliminating errors that come with manual tasks.
  • Additional Version 2 REST APIs were delivered. We will eventually replace all version 0 and 1 APIs with Version 2 APIs.
  • Reports can now have .pdf documents automatically generated.

 Blogs, Webinars, and more!

We have resources galore for you to check out. The Flexagon Events page has upcoming and recorded webinars. Additionally, the following blogs cover other recent enhancements in FlexDeploy.

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