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See You at DOAG 2019?

DOAG is Deutsche Oracle Anwendergruppe, the German Oracle Users Group. This year, DOAG will be held November 19-22 in Nuremberg. There will be over 400 lectures, a wide variety of activities, and all-things Oracle! It will be a great learning experience for all Oracle users and fans.

Flexagon’s president, Dan Goerdt, will be speaking! His presentation is “DevOps for You! Cloud, FMW, DB, APEX, JET, EBS, More!” and will take place on Thursday, October 21st from 5:00-5:45pm.

If you’re interested in the integration of Oracle tools into a DevOps platform, want to learn more about out-of-the-box support for Oracle technologies on-prem and in the Cloud, or want to see a demonstration of a DevOps platform, then you don’t want to miss Dan’s presentation!

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