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Flexagon Releases FlexDeploy 3.5

May 16, 2016 – Flexagon today announced FlexDeploy 3.5 is now available. FlexDeploy 3.5 provides many enhancements for Oracle E-Business Suite, Atlassian Jira, Fusion Middleware, Oracle Cloud IaaS and PaaS, and additional version control system plugins such as TFS and CVS. In addition to the added functionality, there are multiple usability improvements.

FlexDeploy is a DevOps and Application Release Automation platform that lowers project risk and cost, while accelerating software delivery. It provides a comprehensive and integrated platform for managing the entire build, deploy, test, and release lifecycle. Users are able to capitalize on their investments and innovate faster, with extensive automation, improved controls, and visibility to information like never before. FlexDeploy is an open platform which includes pre-built content for Oracle Fusion Middleware, Applications, Cloud Services and many non-Oracle tools and technologies.

FlexDeploy 3.5 Highlights

  • Oracle E-Business Suite SupportExtending the wildly successful EBS support delivered in version FlexDeploy 3.0, the 3.5 EBS enhancements provide a package-based model for building and deploying EBS customizations and personalizations. All EBS object types are supported, which during the beta program has shown to provide significant cost reduction and improved quality of EBS changes using an approach which is familiar to many EBS customers.  Users can now choose if they want to use the fully automated model provided in 3.0, or the package-based model provided in 3.5 for building and deploying customizations and personalizations.
  • New plugins and integration with commercial and open source tools – FlexDeploy supports many commercial and open source tools and technologies used across the toolchain. All categories of tooling are included such as version controls systems, build tools, test tools, and many other products, improving the ability to deliver software solutions fast, with high quality, and at the lowest cost possible. The following is a summary of 3.5 enhancements:
    • Integration with Atlassian Jira
    • Integration with Microsoft Team Foundation Version Control
    • Integration with CVS
    • SSH Support for Git
  • Oracle Cloud IaaS and PaaS Plugins – Capitalize on cloud opportunities via extensive plugin support for IaaS and PaaS provisioning and resource management. The plugins provide a significant opportunity to exploit the cloud services in ways that optimize the speed, quality, and cost advantages associated with cloud-based environment management and utilization.  The FlexDeploy “Deploy Anywhere” mantra rings true for the vast array of deployment endpoints, whether they be in the cloud, on premise, IOT devices, or anywhere else that software needs to be deployed. Plugins are available for the following Oracle Cloud Services:
    • IaaS – Compute and Storage Cloud Services
    • PaaS – Java Cloud Service
    • PaaS – Database Cloud Service
    • PaaS – SOA Cloud Service
    • PaaS – Application Container Cloud Service
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware – The breadth and depth of support within FlexDeploy for Fusion Middleware products is extensive, including support for most products in the FMW product line. The following is a summary of the new plugins and enhancements to existing plugins:
    • New Oracle B2B Plugin
    • New plugin operations for managing WebLogic rolling recycles
    • New WebLogic Node Manager start and stop operations
    • WebLogic plugin enhancements for session editing
    • New JDBC Query plugin operation
  • Usability Improvements– Usability and great user experience is critical. FlexDeploy 3.1 includes a variety of enhancements that improve the experience and effectiveness of developers, operations, and other FlexDeploy users.
    • Impact Analysis displays all projects referencing a specific workflow
    • Ability to download plugin logs
    • Properties are now sorted alphabetically
    • Filtering/search capability for security realm group mapping
    • Ability to inactivate workflows
    • View and filter workflows in table or tree display
    • Ability to copy existing projects

We are very excited about the new features and enhancements with this new release, and if our beta participants are any indication, we think you will be too. We hope you will take a look and let us know what you think.

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