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Rethink How You are Delivering Software with Oracle EBS

Meeting business requirements with Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) requires customization that lends itself to error-prone, time-consuming change processes across test and production environments. Manual processes are then used to track, manage, and document customizations which are tedious and resource intensive.

Couple this with in-house processes driven by a highly specialized Oracle solution, and the burden of manual tasks is magnified. These ad-hoc deployment methods burn out teams who are forced to spend time fighting fires and fixing errors in releases that do not meet user expectations. The business demands more and demands it faster.

How Can You Continuously Deliver?

Whether you are deciding to stay on-premises or choosing to make the shift to the cloud for increased agility of a hybrid or multi-cloud architecture, supplementing outdated practices with automated processes to reduce manual, repeatable tasks and cut down on errors will alleviate the burden.

Accelerate delivery and improve quality of deployments by automating processes to replace manual and error-prone methods

Drive consistency across test and production environments through streamlined, repeatable change processes

Leverage integration options to seamlessly connect your vast toolchain

Gain real-time and historical visibility through dashboards and reports

Choose the Right DevOps Tool for Your Organization

You have probably found that there are only a few solutions on the market that ease DevOps for Oracle EBS.

Here is an at-a-glance comparison to help you determine if FlexDeploy is right for your organization:

Vendor 1
Vendor 2
Automated Migration for Customizations – Package Based Approach 
Automated Migration for Customizations – Fully Automated Approach 
Built-In Server Management 
Post-Clone Capabilities 
File-level change detection and revision support 
Supports 12.2 ADOP Lifecycle 


Go Further Than Micro Focus PPM

Micro Focus PPM (formerly Kintana) is a good project management tool which includes a Deployment Management Module for EBS. In contrast, FlexDeploy is a comprehensive, open DevOps platform that is known for its unique support of EBS.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Recognized by both Gartner and Forrester, FlexDeploy is the only comprehensive, integrated DevOps platform that tames the complexities of enterprise systems, like Oracle EBS. Developed by a team that intimately understands Oracle technology, FlexDeploy equips organizations with end-to-end SDLC support and seamless integration of the toolchain from planning through monitoring.


Accelerated Speed of Delivery

by Kanga Ora


Reduction in migration time due to team alignment

by Nuance


Improvement in software quality

by Athene

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