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Tag: Application Release Automation

Please Release Me

As the well-known lyric goes, ‘Please release me and let me go’ illustrates the challenge to Application Development and Delivery,…

6 Tips to Select the Right DevOps Software

DevOps adoption is growing across businesses in all industries, mainly due to the wide array of benefits that DevOps can…

Impact of Release Automation on DevOps

Impact of Release Automation in DevOps

Over 50% of global enterprises will have implemented application release automation by 2020, up from less than 15% in 2017.[1]…

Arguing in meeting

7 Arguments Against DevOps

Is DevOps a Bad Idea? Countless articles and blogs boast the many benefits of automating changes and processes through DevOps….

Cloudbees and Electric Cloud Acquisition

What Does CloudBees’ Acquisition of Electric Cloud Mean for Businesses?

CloudBees recently announced the acquisition of Electric Cloud, combining the product capabilities of two well-known players in the CI/CD and…

FlexDeploy Loves OIC: Manage Connections, Lookups and Libraries

This blog is the sixth, and last, in the FlexDeploy Loves OIC blog series FlexDeploy Loves OIC: Series Overview FlexDeploy…

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