The Shift: An Evolution, not a Revolution

There is a lot of energy around digital transformation and how businesses can either transform or be run over by the competition. When it comes to enabling strategic transformation in the context of Application Development and IT in general, topics such as Cloud, DevOps, and Microservices are at the forefront. The follow diagram highlights the shift taking place along multiple continua, cutting across people/culture, process, and technology. These changes are not mutually exclusive, and the challenge (and opportunity) is to move toward the right on multiple fronts and do so at different rates and paces across the enterprise. Gartner refers to Bi-Modal IT and Forrester describes Multi-Modal IT. In either case, goals such as increasing agility and automation, innovation, standardizing process and tools, and streamlining the software delivery lifecycle are core to supporting digital transformation strategy.

At Flexagon, we consider all aspects of the transformation. This transformation cannot be purely a technology and tooling play, as the people and process elements of change are critical for both short and long-term success. At the heart of our enterprise DevOps platform, FlexDeploy, is the realization that customers need help with the shift; automation is at the core, and it’s an evolution versus revolution. Most customers have a large footprint of on-premise and monolithic architectures, deep investments in infrastructure, database, middleware, and applications, and a less-than-agile culture and processes related to the end-to-end software delivery lifecycle.  Flexagon helps customers achieve the benefits of the shift, including enabling value where customers are today and making it easier to evolve over time to establish more agile, automated, repeatable, and affordable software solutions.

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