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Topic: Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

DevOps to the Cloud Best Practices

DevOps Best Practices for Oracle Cloud Migration

It’s now common for enterprises to move software to the cloud as part of their digital transformation. Upgrading from traditional,…

FlexDeploy for Cloud IaaS Provisioning

Quickly and easily deploy Infrastructure as a Service Instances with the IaaS plugin.

Infrastructure of a tall building

Automating Infrastructure Deployment with Terraform and FlexDeploy

What is Terraform? Terraform is an infrastructure as code tool, allowing you to build, change, and version infrastructure. Your infrastructure…

On-Demand Webinar - Simple and Automated Provisioning with Terraform and FlexDeploy

Webinar Recap: Simple and Automated Provisioning with Terraform and FlexDeploy

The following is a summary of the information covered in the webinar: Simple and Automated Provisioning with Terraform and FlexDeploy,…

DevOps for Oracle Apps: 10 E-Business Suite Development Tips

The most effective development processes are tailored to the company and product IT teams are working with. The most effective…

DevOps for Oracle EBS: 5 Essential Capabilities to Look for in Your Next Product

Oracle’s E-Business Suite (EBS) is a powerful ERP/CRM/SCM application that provides options for configurations and customizations to meet a company’s…

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