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Topic: Infrastructure Management

FlexDeploy CI/CD Pipelines for Enterprise Cloud Services

FlexDeploy CI/CD Pipelines for Enterprise Cloud Services

Automate Cloud Deployments for Oracle, Salesforce, Azure & More! FlexDeploy streamlines CI/CD for enterprise apps on leading cloud platforms. Watch…

What are REST APIs?

What are REST APIs and why are they so important? A Flexagon software developer explains.

Customer Story: Schreiber Foods

Troy Marrick explains how FlexDeploy brought speed, consistency, and visibility.

What Sets FlexDeploy Apart

Explore what differentiates FlexDeploy from other DevOps and VSD platforms.

FlexDeploy Overview

Discover FlexDeploy, a DevOps VSD platform that automates the software delivery lifecycle.

Calculating the ROI of Application Release Automation

Automating IT infrastructure provisioning and other aspects of application development isn’t new to anyone. While many companies understand the importance,…

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