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FlexDeploy CI/CD Pipelines for Enterprise Cloud Services

Effortlessly Deploy Across Leading Cloud Platforms with FlexDeploy

Streamline Your Deployments

Struggling with complex deployments across different cloud platforms? FlexDeploy empowers your organization to easily deploy products and applications on industry leaders like Oracle Cloud, Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, and more – all from a single platform.

Seamless Integration for a Smoother Process

FlexDeploy integrates seamlessly with these cloud services, eliminating deployment challenges. Say goodbye to manual processes and embrace a smoother, more efficient workflow that puts you in control.

Boost Your Cloud Deployments

  • Effortless Oracle Cloud Deployment: FlexDeploy’s extensive library automates packaging and deployment of code, configurations, and data to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).
  • Simplified Salesforce Deployments: Manage and automate deployments of Salesforce components like Apex classes and Visualforce pages with ease. No more complexity!
  • Automated Azure Deployments: Automate deployments of Azure Functions, App Services, and more using FlexDeploy’s Azure plugin. Stop wasting time on manual deployments.

Unify Your DevOps Pipeline

FlexDeploy goes beyond deployment. It unifies your entire software delivery lifecycle, including planning, build automation, continuous integration, artifact management, and release orchestration. This creates a powerful, integrated platform for all your DevOps needs.

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