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Topic: Monitoring, Security, and Compliance

Service Management Integration

Automate the governance of your software delivery process by integrating your Service Management tools.

The DevOps Dilemma in Higher Education: Overcoming Obstacles with FlexDeploy

Unveiling the DevOps Dilemma in Higher Education and How FlexDeploy Emerges as the Solution. This whitepaper explores challenges, offers FlexDeploy’s…

FlexDeploy CI/CD Pipelines for Enterprise Cloud Services

FlexDeploy CI/CD Pipelines for Enterprise Cloud Services

Automate Cloud Deployments for Oracle, Salesforce, Azure & More! FlexDeploy streamlines CI/CD for enterprise apps on leading cloud platforms. Watch…

Work Items

Work Items are a single location to manage tasks in FlexDeploy. In this video, we will learn how to take…

Oracle EBS DevSecOps

Is Your Oracle EBS Ready for DevSecOps?

Businesses everywhere are modernizing through digital transformation. Upgrades bring faster services and new features, increasing the need to introduce innovation…

Approvals and Windows

FlexDeploy lets you easily add controls and governance to your software delivery lifecycle by incorporating approvals and scheduled windows into…

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