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Webinar Review: An Introduction to DevOps

The following is a summary of the information covered in the webinar: An Introduction to DevOps. If you missed the live event, it is now available on-demand! You can watch it here.

Here is a very brief overview…

Businesses face immense challenges today with software delivery. Issues involve cost, speed, and quality, as many deployments can be costly, slow, and error prone. And these challenges seem to be unending! There is always something to update, new processes to adopt, or different infrastructures to transition to.

DevOps helps to alleviate some of these challenges. By using automation, you can accelerate your delivery, improve the quality of your deployments, and reduce the cost and risk of your changes.

What is DevOps meme

But what is DevOps?

It can be difficult to understand and there are probably more definitions than you can count. Simply, DevOps is the collaboration of Development, Operations, and QA to create a culture of communication, improve processes, and advance in technology and tools.

This process includes three very important steps: Build with Continuous Integration, Deploy with Continuous Delivery, and Release with Release Orchestration.

Are you interested in getting to market faster? Improving product quality? Increasing productivity? And decreasing costs and risks?

Well, don’t stop at this (very) summarized explanation! Check out the recording of the webinar: An Introduction to DevOps. Dan Goerdt, President of Flexagon, explains DevOps, the benefits, and the steps to an agile mindset. Plus, you can see a demonstration of a DevOps platform!

If you missed the live event, the recording is now available.

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