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Webinar Review: Optimize Your Software Delivery Process with FlexDeploy

The following is a summary of the information covered in the webinar: Optimize Your Software Delivery Process with FlexDeploy. Watch the on-demand recording here.

Challenges of Software Delivery

The challenges of software delivery are numerous, regardless of the role you play in the process. There is always a drive to deliver faster while maintaining quality, managing costs, and mitigating risks.

The Challenges of Software Delivery: Cost, Speed, Quality

These goals apply to both addressing challenges you are currently experiencing and as you adopt new processes and technologies. This remains true regardless of your infrastructure (on-prem, cloud, or a hybrid solution) or the technologies in play (infrastructure, database, middleware, applications, etc.).

Organizations must constantly improve to stay competitive and profitable. But how do you truly become transformative and enable your organization to achieve more?

Transforming IT into a Strategic Business Enabler

IT and the technology arm of the business has historically been seen as a cost of operation, while it is really a strategic business enabler. Or at least it should be. Not only does it empower all other functions of the organization, but it can even be viewed as a profit center.

Sunk costs occur when manual and scripted processes slow down your team, stifle creativity, and prevent time for innovation. Only when these tasks are automated can the IT department transform into a key contributor to business value.

As you continue to automate and adopt more agile processes, the benefits exponentially increase.

The FlexDeploy DevOps Platform

We regularly work with customers as they transform their IT processes. Some are startups that need modern systems right off the bat. Some are still practicing a more waterfall-centric SDLC. And others are well into the adoption of Agile, CI/CD, release orchestration, and/or DevOps.

Wherever you are on the spectrum, we can help you establish a more effective end-to-end toolchain.

With the FlexDeploy DevOps platform and its full build automation, deployment automation, and release orchestration, you can complete the SDLC faster, more cost effectively, and with better visibility. FlexDeploy has extensive out-of-the-box support for over 100 open-source and commercial technologies allowing you to easily integrate your technologies.

FlexDeploy build automation, deployment automation, and release orchestration

This optimization and integration enables you to continuously improve your processes to be repeatable, consistent, and reliable. Additionally, you can set your own levels of governance and controls for either one change or hundreds of changes.

Watch the Full Webinar

Optimize your software delivery process and watch the full webinar today to see how FlexDeploy can help you respond more quickly to customer needs, increase your competitiveness, and realize faster time to innovation. Flexagon President, Dan Goerdt, demos FlexDeploy and its capabilities.

Watch the Recording

Want to keep learning? Check out other on-demand and upcoming webinars.

Please comment or contact [email protected] with any questions or if you are interested in getting hands-on with FlexDeploy.

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