Build Automation Software is a critical component of automating DevOps processes, accelerating benefits and advancing toward maturity.

Build Automation

Traditionally, software development followed a single-track, step-by-step progression from architecture to deployment. While this served the needs of organizations at the time, these processes were heavily scripted and reliant on manual tasks, slowing the lifecycle, and leading to a high number of errors.

Today’s companies require the opposite of these cumbersome, slow, unresponsive processes: instead, they need flexible, agile, rapid responses to a changing business environment.

Because many software build processes are manual, repetitive and predictable, they are excellent candidates for automation. Build automation removes the need for human intervention in critical steps of the software build process: automating code retrieval, compiling and compressing source files, producing installers, testing and updating to a centralized repository.

A build process may be partially automated, but is generally considered fully automated when these steps require no direct human intervention, can be performed at any time, and use only the information contained within the centralized source code control repository.

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Build Automation Software

Build automation software is a pre-built application that can be integrated to automate the software build process. Ideally, build automation software supports Continuous Integration, the frequent updating of code in small packages to a centralized repository, which is fundamental to DevOps.

Build automation software should include tools to automate the entire build and packaging process, eliminating the need for manual intervention and manual review. A person considering build automation software, though, should look at the available integrations carefully to ensure that they are making the right choice for their organization.

Build Automation Software Integrations

Why are integrations important? Because the build automation software will have to work with the applications, software and tools that are already in place at your organization. Ensuring that the build automation software that you select already includes pre-constructed, working APIs that meet your needs will help to circumvent the need for costly, time-consuming customized scripted interfaces.

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Benefits of Build Automation Software

Build automation software has may benefits, including:

Streamline processes
Eliminate manual tasks
Reduce errors
Reduce developer wait time
Speed software delivery
Decrease costs
Improve scalability, flexibility and agility
Eliminate tool sprawl

Build automation, implemented successfully, can help companies to deliver better-quality software, in a faster time frame, at a lower cost, with less risk.

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