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Powering the Future of DevOps Today

Do you need help keeping pace with your enterprise software development needs? Our recorded webinar with Forrester reveals how to streamline development across all your enterprise software, simplifying life for your DevOps teams. This webinar dives deep into the evolution of DevOps, shifting from a set of principles to a full-fledged operating model for modern software organizations. Watch now and discover the future of DevOps!

The Transformative DevOps Movement Enters Maturity

DevOps is no longer just a set of operating principles focused on changing a software development team’s ability to collaborate, automate, and provide feedback. It has quickly evolved into the operating model for any modern software-focused organization.

The Future of DevOps Platforms

As DevOps teams move towards the future, automated and repeatable processes are needed to lead the way for organizations to focus on value streams and deployment speed. To achieve this level of optimization, the technology around DevOps needs to consolidate, extend and deepen into a more integrated software development platform (ISDP). Instead of a large grouping of incompatible solutions and teams using different tool stacks, ISDP’s provide a full end-to-end solution from source code to release automation.

In this webinar, we explored:

  • DevOps: Beyond the Basics: Discover how DevOps has become the foundation for any software-driven business.
  • The Future of Automation: Explore the critical role of automation and repeatable processes in accelerating development lifecycles.
  • The Power of Integrated Platforms: Learn how Integrated Software Development Platforms (ISDPs) can consolidate tools and streamline workflows for seamless development across various enterprise software solutions.

Looking for an ISDP? Meet FlexDeploy.

Flexagon is a leading provider of continuous delivery and release automation software. Flexagon’s DevOps platform, FlexDeploy, helps businesses develop, deliver, and manage software solutions faster and with improved quality, cost, and risk.

Forrester evaluated Integrated software delivery platform providers to measure and help modern application development leaders and DevOps platform team leaders select the right one for their needs. Flexagon is delighted to be positioned as a contender in the report.

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Chris Condo

Guest Speaker, Forrester

Dan Goerdt

President, Flexagon

Ash Owen

Ash Owen Senior Product Manager, Flexagon

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