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Deep Dive into Software Delivery for Oracle e-Business Suite

Simplify Management, Enhance Efficiency, and Reduce Risk with FlexDeploy

Learn how integrating Oracle e-business suite (EBS) with a robust and comprehensive software delivery platform is essential for organizations seeking to streamline their development and delivery processes and enhance efficiency. FlexDeploy, a leading DevOps Platform offers seamless integration with EBS and many other Oracle technologies, enabling organizations to simplify the management of multiple environments, deployments, and releases.

In this webinar, you will learn how FlexDeploy:

  • Simplifies environment management: Streamline the process of creating, configuring, and maintaining different environments, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced complexity.
  • Automated Deployments: Automate deployments of EBS components across various technologies, including PL/SQL, Java, and Oracle Forms.
  • Release Orchestration: Easily manage and track EBS releases with planning, version control, changes management, and release approvals.
  • Cost Effective procedures: By automating repetitive tasks and providing reusable build and deployment workflows,

In this webinar learn how FlexDeploy helps organizations optimize development and delivery processes and minimize costs associated with manual labor, errors, and rework.  Eliminating the risk of manual errors, reduces deployment time, and ensures consistency across environments by  empowering teams to deliver high-quality software faster and more reliably.

Learn how FlexDeploy can be the hero at your organization.