DevOps for Salesforce eBook

How to implement DevOps for Salesforce to increase speed and efficiency.

Traditionally, migrating Salesforce changes across environments is a manual, tedious, and error-prone process. It is difficult to tell what needs to be migrated, and there isn't clear visibility into what has been migrated to each environment, when the changes were made, and by whom. Keeping metadata in sync between sandboxes and organizations is a time consuming and error-prone challenge.

DevOps for Salesforce is long overdue!

DevOps automates and streamlines the development and delivery processes. Now, with Salesforce DevOps tools you can achieve the benefits of Salesforce automation and Salesforce deployment, including:

  • Improve quality and speed up delivery and releases
  • Fewer errors and lower risk of failed deployments
  • Create full CI/CD pipelines in MINUTES
  • Increase visibility and traceability of changes across environments
  • Eliminate manual steps and the need to customize, develop, and maintain scripts
  • Reduce costs associated with manual tasks

Download the DevOps for Salesforce eBook to learn:

  • About the history of Salesforce and DevOps
  • Where Salesforce is weak and how DevOps solves this
  • The 3 types of Salesforce DevOps tools
  • How to
    • Source control your Salesforce changes
    • Deploy Salesforce apps and metadata objects
    • Build and deploy Salesforce DX apps
    • Incorporate test automation including unit testing in your processes

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