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Learn How to Overcome DIY DevOps

FlexDeploy: Streamline DevOps with Pre-Built Integrations & Open Platform Extensibility

Achieve faster delivery, cost savings, and improved software quality and security.

Optimize your DevOps process with FlexDeploy pre-built integrations, extensible workflows, and advanced security and test automation. Achieve faster delivery, cost savings, and improved software quality and security. Discover the power of FlexDeploy today!

Welcome to FlexDeploy, the unified solution that advances and accelerates your DevOps journey. FlexDeploy is a technology agnostic DevOps platform allowing you to manage your tech and tools without sacrificing capability.  

Comprehensive DevOps Solution

FlexDeploy offers a library of pre-built integrations for common DevOps tools and technologies, saving you valuable time and effort compared to maintaining custom integrations. But flexibility is key, which is why we accommodate open platform extensibility. You can create plugins, workflows, and scripts to meet your specific needs, tailoring your DevOps process without sacrificing capability or flexibility. 

Optimized Development for Business Systems

With FlexDeploy technology plugins for Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP, we simplify the complexity, allowing your team to optimize its development and delivery process. Our built-in security and quality ensure only authorized users have access to critical systems and data, meeting compliance requirements. 

Package-Based Model for Open and Business Systems

Our package-based model allows for dynamic discovery of development artifacts from the source into a file catalog. Packages can then be assembled from files in the file catalog, built and deployed across a pipeline, tracking each deployment’s status down to the file level. 

End-to-End Automation

FlexDeploy provides end-to-end automation for the software development and delivery lifecycle, including code compilation, testing, packaging, and deployment. This enables faster delivery, cost savings, and improved software quality. 

Experience the Power of FlexDeploy

Combine pre-built toolchain integrations with open platform extensibility, specialized support for Business Systems, package-based model, end-to-end automation, and advanced security features. Experience how FlexDeploy stands out as a comprehensive and attractive solution for organizations seeking to streamline their development and delivery process for both open systems and business systems. 

Start Your FlexDeploy Journey Today 

Ready to optimize your DevOps process? Start your FlexDeploy journey today and discover the benefits of a unified, customizable, and secure DevOps platform. 

Learn how FlexDeploy can be the hero at your organization.