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Without Release, There are No New Applications

Orchestrate, Manage, and Automate Complex Releases with Complete Visibility and Control 

Until new applications or features are shipped, there is no value. Whether using traditional or continuous delivery approaches to deliver software, coordinating release activities can be challenging to say the least for Release Managers.

Modern Oracle, Sales force, SAP apps are increasingly meta-data driven, increasing the complexity of packaging up and orchestrating the release through build, test, security, and deployment phases of your software delivery pipeline.

FlexDeploy allows organizations to manage the entire software delivery and release pipeline from one platform.  Release managers can orchestrate smart deployments by leveraging parallel or serialized releases.

In this webinar, learn how FlexDeploy helps organizations:

  • How to easily define Gates and Automated Steps in your Software Delivery Pipeline
  • How to orchestrate build, test and deployment automation through your environments with security
  • Take appropriate real-time action to remedy findings from your DevOps Tool chain (Testing results, Security vulnerability results, etc.)
  • Align with regulatory and internal policies, and monitor progress through a visual release pipeline

Discover FlexDeploy

The FlexDeploy integrated software delivery platform (ISDP) simplifies DevOps for enterprise software ecosystems like Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP. It’s also great for cloud and container-native development.

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