Continuous Delivery

Deliver higher quality applications faster, with improved controls and visibility.

Continuous Delivery is the Competitive Advantage Helping Companies Win

Continuous Delivery (CD) is the process of ensuring code changes can be safely deployed at any time. The goal is for developers to generate and move code through the lifecycle quickly and efficiently, allowing for rapid and regular delivery to customers. This means eliminating manual interventions and automating the process of building, testing, and pushing code changes to the next stage or environment.

Continuous delivery incorporates people (both in Development and Operations), process, and tooling to transform the way software is delivered, establishing repeatable, high quality, and cost-effective software solutions.

Adopting continuous delivery increases the velocity of the delivery and feedback lifecycle, while helping to manage the cost and risk of delivering and maintaining software-based solutions. Continuous delivery enables teams to cut release time and deliver features to market more frequently.

Before Continuous Delivery

Slow and infrequent releases, causing business frustration, Shadow IT, and negative relationships between IT and Business.
Complex and error-prone processes, leading to higher cost and risk, environment outages, and a lack of repeatability.
Lack of standard processes and tools, resulting in tool sprawl and a lack of collaboration across teams.
High degree of manual activities and scripting, increasing the cost and reducing quality of initial delivery and ongoing maintenance.
Lack of visibility to what versions of middleware and applications are in each environment, when changes are made, who made the changes, resulting in time-consuming audits and difficulty troubleshooting when errors occur.

After Continuous Delivery

Faster release delivery and feedback cycles, increasing the positive business impact and relationships between IT and Business units.
Standard process and tooling, decreasing the complexity of managing and executing changes and improving the collaboration across all teams involved in the software development and delivery process.
High degree of automation, increasing the quality and speed of change and allowing skilled professionals to spend more time on high-value activities.
Visibility to real-time and historical data associated with the software delivery lifecycle, improving planning and execution and increasing continuous improvement and compliance to controls and audits.

Continuous Delivery Tools

Make continuous delivery easy with FlexDeploy


The FlexDeploy platform makes it easy to establish Continuous Delivery pipelines, introducing extensive automation, improved controls and repeatability, and visibility like you’ve never had before. FlexDeploy provides a comprehensive and integrated solution across Build, Continuous Integration, Deployment, Testing, and Release Automation. While FlexDeploy is comprehensive and integrated, it is also open and extensible, making it easy to integrate to the existing tools in your toolchain and IT landscape.

Continuous delivery cycle: build, deploy, test, and release

DevOps Case Study: Charter Manufacturing

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