Continuous Integration: Automation and Simplicity at Scale

Increased speed of development and testing, accelerating the front-end of the
software delivery process

Integrate Regularly – Fix Problems Quickly

Delivering software faster and with high quality starts with productive developers. But long build and integration times and complex manual and scripted processes destroy productivity and increase cycle time. The adoption of Continuous Integration (CI) allows development teams to commit and verify changes more frequently by automating builds and tests so problems can be detected and resolved early.

See how you can deliver software quickly, with fewer errors using FlexDeploy’s CDRA tools.

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Before Continuous Integration

Issues with integrating many changes at once (“Integration Hell”) increasing the time and difficulty troubleshoot, and ultimately slowing down the delivery of software to end users.

Testing on a local developer machine may mean developers aren’t using real world data, and can cause issues when moving to a shared testing environment.
Poor testing coverage ultimately leads to reactive problem solving down the line, causing unnecessary stress and confusion and a domino effect of problems.
Limited visibility to build success and failures leads to scrambling developers, impacting the overall team. When the first notification of an issue is in production, the whole business suffers.                                 

After Continuous Integration

Small chunks of code/changes are built and tested frequently, decreasing the complexity of changes and increasing the overall speed of the development process.

Testing on a shared build/test server better simulates the real world of test environments, resulting in fewer surprises and 11th hour scrambling.
Automated functional and quality testing helps find problems early, decreasing the potential of high-impact problems down the line.
Improvements in visibility to build successes and failures allow developers and development teams to work more effectively together. Proactive notification to issues results in more clean builds.

Continuous Integration Platform

Have Cake, Eat Cake with FlexDeploy

Whether you are just starting down the road to CI or well down the path, FlexDeploy provides options. FlexDeploy includes a built-in CI server, making it easy to implement CI with a few configuration changes. Fast and easy, the way it should be.  For those already using a CI server such as Jenkins or Hudson, you can leverage your existing tooling or reduce complexity and scripting by taking advantage of FlexDeploy’s CI capabilities.  Using FlexDeploy’s CI features gives you one consistent and integrated solution for building/packaging and deploying your applications to your target platforms:  from your legacy enterprise apps running on on-prem middleware, to cloud IaaS and PaaS, and Docker.

FlexDeploy supports full CI/CD pipelines.

See how you can deliver software quickly, with fewer errors using FlexDeploy’s CDRA tools.

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Learn how FlexDeploy can help you have your cake and eat it too.

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