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Oracle / E-Business Suite

Tame the Complexities of Oracle EBS

Finally, a DevOps CI/CD platform that seamlessly integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite. Managing your custom environments and complex migrations just got a lot easier. 
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reduction in cost
faster average deployment time
fewer errors and outages
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global leaders Trust flexdeploy for end-to-end devops

On-Premises and oracle cloud

A Comprehensive E-Business Suite Solution

Recognized by both Gartner and Forrester, FlexDeploy is the only comprehensive, integrated DevOps platform that tames the complexities of enterprise systems, like Oracle EBS. Developed by a team that intimately understands Oracle technology, FlexDeploy equips organizations with end-to-end SDLC support and seamless integration of the toolchain from planning through monitoring.

Simplify upgrades

Automate CI/CD pipeline

Enable DevSecOps

Plug & play DevOps toolchain

Dashboard metrics & insights

Native EBS solution

Athene Moves to DevOps and FlexDeploy

Reduced deployment time and errors, increased visibility, better compliance.

90% Faster Deployments

The team has seen a reduction in deployment time by upwards of 90%. In the last six months there have been no deployments that exceeded five minutes. Previously, it would take more than five minutes for a DBA just to open a ticket and download the correct files.

Given the success we have had with FlexDeploy managing on-premises EBS deployments, it was a no-brainer to extend that investment to managing cloud environments.

An initiative of this size and complexity touched every aspect of our IT organization. Its success was crucial to the financial operations of the business.

Remove the Burdens of Your Oracle EBS Customizations and Administration

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Maximize productivity and efficiency of App Dev and DBA Teams

Accelerate delivery and improve quality of deployments by automating processes to replace manual and error-prone methods such as rollback, DBA tasks, patching, and post clone refresh.

Accelerate software delivery performance and time to market

Drive speed, consistency and repeatability across development, test and production environments through automated CI/CD pipeline.

Automate tests and validate security controls in CI/CD pipeline

Leverage out-of-box integrations with your preferred testing and security vulnerability tools and shift left verification and validation.

Make informed and real-time decisions for improved business impact

Gain real-time and historical visibility through a customizable dashboard with KPI Metrics and project insights, together with reports on environment history, environment discrepancies and change history.

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Get rapid innovation amid complex environments including Oracle eBusiness Suite.