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Streamline Oracle Fusion Middleware Migration for Enterprise and Cloud

Reduce costs, accelerate deployments, and boost efficiency by automating your Fusion Middleware migrations within your existing CI/CD pipeline.
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Reduction in average deployment time
Reduction in errors
Reduction in new server middleware deployment
Reduction in costs

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Increase Operational Efficiency

Eliminate concerns when building and deploying Fusion Middleware components

Save time and increase efficiency using native support for Fusion Middleware components including Oracle SOA Suite (SOA, OSB, MDS) and WebLogic (Java, ADF, WebLogic configurations). FlexDeploy tracks progress through work items or Jira tickets, automates tests, utilizes results to drive the next steps, and approves production deployments in coordination with Service Management.

Reduce errors with automated deployment of Fusion Middleware components

Gain native support for Oracle SOA Suite (SOA, OSB, MDS) and WebLogic (Java, ADF, WebLogic configurations)

Utilize trusted test automation framework and testing tools such as SoapUI and Postman

Achieve better performance  with release pipelines and environment management

Accelerate lifecycles by tracking progress and delivery through built-in dashboard and reporting

Automation. Speed. Consistency.

Eliminate Manual Scripting and Errors, Increasing Speed and Consistency

Improve speed, quality, and cost

FlexDeploy has provided us with a huge leap forward in terms of code management, environment management, and operational infrastructure automation.

Fusion Middleware users accomplish more with FlexDeploy

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Automated deployment pipeline

Customizable pipeline for Oracle Fusion Middleware reduces errors and ensures reliable deployments across environments.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)

Ensure changes are deployed to target environments, powering faster feedback loops and shorter time-to-market.

Version control integration

Seamless integration with Git, Subversion, and other popular version control systems that manage/track changes effectively, build collaboration, maintain history, and simplify rollback.

Release orchestration

Ensure smooth transitions between stages and minimize downtime. Support multi-tier environments by defining and managing the deployment of components across environments (web servers, application servers, databases, and more).

Test automation

Easy test validation within your CI/CD pipeline using integrations for UtPLSQL, JMeter, Selenium, and other test automation tools.

Real-time notifications

Gain immediate feedback on the status of deployments through your pipeline, empowering teams to respond faster to issues.

Security and compliance

Robust security measures including user authentication, role-based access control, and automated code scanning with ApexSec for protection from internal and external threats.

Customizable dashboard and insights

Real-time visibility and insights into your build, deploy, and release metrics to optimize the software delivery pipeline.

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