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Increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage of your software testing.

Automation does what manual testing cannot, and at less cost

Achieving speed within the software delivery process requires end-to-end automation. Although there is a place for manual tests, organizations need to increase test quality and effectiveness across the software delivery lifecycle, including unit and other functional tests, quality tests, and performance and load testing. There are many test processes and tools in the market, both open-source and commercial. DevOps, Application Release Automation, and Continuous Delivery process and tooling need to integrate with many test tools, making it easy to plan and execute tests automatically and as part of an integrated delivery process. Not only should users be able to trigger and execute test automatically, but the results of the tests should also be actionable and there needs to be visibility and insight which can be used by developers, testers, release managers, and others roles within the end-to-end delivery processes.

FlexDeploy integrates seamlessly into the provisioning, build, deploy, test and release lifecycle.

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Without Test Automation

Testing is pervasive across the software delivery lifecycle, and manual tests are slow. Developers are slow in completing their unit testing, delaying code integration and testing, and leaving customers waiting for new applications and enhancements.
Shortcuts are taken too frequently due to tight deadlines, and thorough and quality testing is be skipped to ‘make up time’. Missed tests often lead to problems, resulting in rework and negative impacts to larger groups of developers or testers.
Without high-quality and automated testing, the cost of software delivery increases. The negative impacts can be many, including outages in test and production environments and unhappy internal users, customers, and partners.

With Test Automation

Speed of testing increases dramatically with automation, reducing the cycle times and increasing feedback developers receive. Automated tests can be run more frequently and the feedback cycle reduced.
Automated tests can be re-used, driving down the cost of delivering software. Since the test are automated, they get used frequently and problems are found earlier in the development process resulting in lower overall cost of software delivery.
Visibility improves and objective decisions can be made regarding when to release software into production. Informed decisions lead to confidence of end-users and a more collaborative and effective relationship across teams.

FlexDeploy makes it easy to integrate automated testing

The FlexDeploy platform includes an integrated test automation framework and plugins to the most popular open source and commercial test tools. The test automation framework allows the users easy configuration of test strategies across environments, including for unit, functional, performance, and other quality tests. Actions can be taken immediately upon failures, increasing the speed of problem resolution. Visibility to test results via dashboards and reports leads to informed short and long-term decision making and continuous improvements.

FlexDeploy integrates seamlessly into the provisioning, build, deploy, test and release lifecycle.

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