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Category: Salesforce

Salesforce CPQ Data Deployments Using FlexDeploy

Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) is a powerful tool for managing complex pricing and quoting processes. However, deploying CPQ configurations…

Deploy Einstein GPT Generated Components with FlexDeploy

The TrailblazerDX Main Keynote was a highly anticipated event, and it did not disappoint. The biggest news coming out of…

Salesforce Destructive Package Deployments in FlexDeploy

With FlexDeploy’s release, you can now delete components from Salesforce Orgs, along with retrieving and deploying to Salesforce Orgs….

Ensure High-Quality Salesforce Delivery with Selenium Test Automation

In this blog article, we will discuss FlexDeploy’s integration with Selenium for Salesforce test automation. Selenium is one of the…

FlexDeploy 6.0: Deploying Salesforce Experience Bundles

Salesforce customers create custom sites and frequently update them using the Experience Bundle. The Experience Bundle allows users to customize…

Deploying Salesforce Custom Metadata using FlexDeploy

FlexDeploy’s rich DevOps features, flexibility in controlling release automation, and integrated Salesforce support provide a highly efficient solution for your enterprise. If…

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