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DevOps for Oracle EBS Tips: Discover and Package

Businesses using Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) often operate in highly complex environments. Their systems might include hundreds—or even thousands—of customizations. As a result, these enterprises tend to struggle with manual processes, keeping up with growth, and modernizing to the cloud.

These customizations, which organizations need to fulfill their unique business needs, are implemented with Java, SQL, forms, reports, concurrent programs, and many other types of components. Because of how Oracle EBS is built, all of these customizations are often deployed manually, which makes it difficult and tedious to migrate EBS to Oracle Cloud or adopt Oracle’s Fusion Apps (SaaS).

Ultimately, the complexity of Oracle EBS makes it hard to automate these processes. However, having to transfer and update data and customizations by hand costs time and money. Further, it results in errors that may cause further delays.

Automating Oracle EBS

FlexDeploy by Flexagon is an innovative DevOps platform that automates these complicated tasks, allowing you to deploy code efficiently. Specifically, it enables the use of modern DevOps practices with Oracle EBS, facilitating the discovery and packaging of code to lower costs and risks.

Automating EBS tasks with FlexDeploy is fast. Moreover, no other product supports continuous delivery for Oracle EBS with comprehensive features. In short, it’s the only tool for the job. It helps you save your team the frustration and risks associated with managing these tasks manually. Users will also appreciate the higher-quality releases.

FlexDeploy is far more efficient than the alternatives. Some companies attempt to handle the deployment manually—even some large development organizations. Others try using third-party tools from software suppliers that acquired the products through acquisition but are no longer able to offer support or updates. These are all obviously less-effective methods of managing Oracle EBS.

Doesn’t it make more sense to use a solution designed with modern DevOps in mind? FlexDeploy natively supports Oracle EBS, leaving you free to focus on innovation. Let the software handle discovery and packaging for fast and reliable upgrades.


FlexDeploy automatically discovers files that you have used to customize Oracle EBS. It detects these files from multiple software version control systems, including GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Subversion, among others. The discovery features simplify automation and save time.

As soon as you connect to the version control system hosting your customizations, the files will automatically be discovered and imported into your FlexDeploy file catalog. Then, when you add more files to your source repository, they will automatically be included in your catalog.

Recognizing that businesses may develop customizations in different programming languages and formats, FlexDeploy supports many different file types. For example, it automatically detects SQL and Java, forms and reports, and concurrent programs. Each component is compiled or loaded and deployed intelligently by FlexDeploy.

The graphical user interface makes viewing metadata straightforward. For instance, where the files will be delivered on the EBS server and which command will be used during deployment. The commands are generated in compliance with Oracle standards, yet also allow complete configuration.

With automatic discovery, you’ll be able to handle DevSecOps seamlessly. While Oracle EBS on its own requires manual procedures to move or update files, now you can automate the processes necessary for development, security, and operations.

Discovery with Flexagon is a simple and extremely productive process. Once you try it you won’t want to go back to the old manual methods. As the files detected are automatically organized into a file catalog in FlexDeploy, the next step—packaging—is just as easy.

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After adding customization files to your FlexDeploy catalog, the software can assist you in creating packages. These packages include files from the catalog, so the two processes segue together. The system automatically handles versioning from the source files and within the FlexDeploy artifact repository. Thereafter, simply deploy the artifact into any EBS instances.

Deploying to Oracle EBS with FlexDeploy eliminates many tedious manual tasks, allowing you to consistently and easily deploy code to one or more EBS environments.

When you prepare a package, it may contain modifications to multiple files of different types. For example, for a new feature, you may need to adjust a concurrent program and some SQL files. With FlexDeploy, you just add the files in question from the file catalog.

Additionally, when a developer pushes file changes to the revision control system, you can automate and track a build request. FlexDeploy processes the files from the version control source and uses the EBS plugin to make a compressed ZIP and assign it a version in the artifact repository.

You can then examine the artifact—complete with revision numbers from source control—via the FlexDeploy user interface. This artifact is now ready to deploy to your EBS instance. It’s as easy as selecting which environment you want to use.

FlexDeploy shows you the deployment workflow as it occurs, while also letting you investigate the log files from the commands run. Should you encounter any problems with your new feature (or any other update), you have the necessary information to debug it.

The user interface also displays the results for each file within the package. That way, you can pick up if one of your files failed to compile and know instantly what to fix. It’s one of many ways in which FlexDeploy removes the need for laborious manual tasks.

Automate Oracle EBS Discovery and Packaging With Flexagon

Oracle EBS installations often have customizations that complicate updates. Manual processes slow down business and increase the possibility of errors. With FlexDeploy, automating Oracle EBS discovery and packaging is simple and straightforward.

The Flexagon solution provides native support for EBS, quickly and accurately discovering customization files from software revision control sources. Thereafter, it organizes these files into a file catalog from which you can consistently assemble and deploy packages.

The result is a smart approach to delivering customizations to any number of Oracle EBS environments. Furthermore, the discover and package processes in FlexDeploy can also be used for continuous delivery, allowing even faster and more efficient output.

Flexagon provides a fully integrated open DevOps platform that connects applications, tools, and teams. This seamless connection removes administrative burdens and enables continuous delivery of software, optimizing the developer experience by enabling and automating development and delivery processes while orchestrating release management across the environments of your software delivery pipeline.

For companies using Oracle EBS, we offer the only product to automate processes such as discovery and packaging for Oracle EBS. Request a demo to see how Flexagon’s FlexDeploy can make your Oracle EBS delivery faster!

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