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Flexagon Shines in Top Technology Publications

As we open the July edition of the acclaimed Technology, FinTech, InsurTech, Datacenter, and AI Magazines, we find a full-page spread and an enlightening video featuring Flexagon. This significant exposure results from our collaborative effort with Oracle, marking the occasion of Oracle being named a leader and positioned highest for the ability to execute in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) Worldwide 2023.  

A Milestone Worth Celebrating 

Flexagon takes great pride in partnering with Oracle and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and we extend hearty congratulations to Oracle for its remarkable achievement in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for iPaaS Worldwide 2023. This milestone underlines Oracle’s commitment to providing top-tier integration solutions, a vision we share and strive to deliver through our advanced DevOps capabilities. 

FlexDeploy for OCI Integration and API Gateway: Your Solution for Efficient Development 

FlexDeploy for OCI Integration and API Gateway is designed to provide a comprehensive application release management and pipeline automation solution. With this offering, we enable development teams to streamline their processes, cut costs, and boost efficiency by automating the deployment of OCI Integration and APIs.  

Oracle DevOps and FlexDeploy

Native Management with FlexDeploy for Oracle Cloud Applications 

FlexDeploy for Oracle Cloud Applications takes management to the next level by delivering native control and migration of the underlying functional setups for configuring Oracle Cloud Applications. This includes Setup Tasks, Fast Formula, Value Set, Lookups, and Flex Fields, ensuring a seamless and efficient development and delivery process.  

FlexDeploy DevOps Platform: Optimizing Oracle Tech and Cloud 

Our goal is to expand awareness and visibility of FlexDeploy’s DevOps Platform, specifically designed for traditional Oracle tech like EBS and cloud. This platform is aimed at technology leaders, architects, and release managers seeking to optimize the development and delivery process with robust DevOps capabilities. 

Unveiling the Power of Oracle Technology Plugins 

FlexDeploy’s platform comes packed with Oracle technology plugins that facilitate seamless integration, enabling teams to create automated and streamlined build, deployment and administration workflows.  

Out of the box Toolchain Integrations for Enhanced Productivity 

We have integrated pre-built toolchain systems into our platform, taking the load off your team, and allowing you to focus on innovation rather than integration. 

Package-Based Model for End-to-End Automation 

FlexDeploy’s platform uses a package-based model. By discovering an inventory of development artifacts and dynamically assembling the files that make up a feature or bug fix, FlexDeploy enables you to track the status of each deployment down to the file level, supporting end-to-end automation that significantly reduces the manual effort involved in the development process.  

Integrated Security and Compliance for Peace of Mind 

At Flexagon, we understand the importance of security. That’s why we’ve built our platform with integrated security and compliance measures, ensuring your data remains safe and your processes are in compliance with industry standards. 


Flexagon continues to solidify its presence in the tech industry, providing innovative solutions that streamline development processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. Our partnership with Oracle is a testament to our commitment to delivering quality DevOps solutions for complex enterprise ecosystems. Discover the benefits of FlexDeploy’s platform today and take your development process to new heights, get your custom demo today.

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