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FlexDeploy Highlights

In the spirit of continuous delivery, we release new versions of FlexDeploy monthly. FlexDeploy is the second release in the FlexDeploy 5.5 series. FlexDeploy includes new plugins, platform and plugin enhancements, usability improvements, and bug fixes. Here are some highlights!

Webhooks Enhancements – Includes features to improve webhook build management and insights to release pipeline execution details. For more information on our Webhook enablement, see our Blog Series HERE.

Service/Change Management Integration You can now add notes to External CMS Approval upon approval or rejection. Notes can be included for out-of-the-box providers like ServiceNow and Jira Service Management and also for custom providers. For additional insights into our Service/Change Management integration, see our Blog Series HERE.

New Plugins – There are new plugins for Python, Node.js, and Grunt.

Enhanced and Updated Plugins There were updates and enhancements to plugins including Microsoft Teams, Oracle CX Commerce, Oracle Integration Cloud, Groovy, and Artifactory.

Blueprints for Oracle BI A new blueprint is available for Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) Webcatalog. Additionally, the OBI Webcatalog blueprint was enhanced to support the Oracle BI 2.0 project type.

Usability and User Experience Improvements We deliver ongoing enhancements to optimize the experience while using FlexDeploy. Improvements this release include enhancements for email communication via IMAP, managing Salesforce developer files, and access to workflow/pipeline execution details.

Check out the FlexDeploy Release Notes for details, and come and get it!

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