FlexDeploy Service Management Integration

FlexDeploy Service Management Integration

Service Management plays an integral role in managing, delivering, and auditing changes across the pipeline, as well as tracking incidents that occur as part of the software delivery lifecycle.

FlexDeploy provides comprehensive out-of-the-box solutions for popular Service Management tools like ServiceNow, BMC Helix Remedyforce, and Freshservice. In addition, a pluggable framework is available for integration with any other commercial Service Management tools. Here are a few use cases for Service Management integration.

  • Link existing Change Management tickets to deployment requests and pipeline executions
  • Automatically create Change Management tickets as part of the pipeline
  • External Approval Pipeline Gates monitor linked change tickets and approve automatically when the ticket is approved
  • Custom definition of what constitutes the “approval” of a ticket
  • Define ticket fields and map values for new tickets in context of your pipeline
  • Create one ticket per release, one per release snapshot, or even one per deployment
  • Use the same ticket across pipeline stages without having to enter the ticket multiple times
  • Trace all deployment executions back to their linked change ticket(s)
  • Automatically create Incidents when a deployment or pipeline stage fails

In this blog series I will showcase four use cases for integrating a FlexDeploy pipeline with ServiceNow. The same patterns can be incorporated with any Service Management product.


While automated build and deployments are a key element of DevOps and continuous delivery, integration with the other tools in the tool chain helps stream-line your processes, enabling faster software delivery, cross-team visibility, and a better user experience. FlexDeploy provides solutions to enable integration with many categories of tools, with Service Management being one of those essential categories for obtaining DevOps nirvana.

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