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FlexDeploy Highlights

FlexDeploy includes new plugins, platform and existing plugin enhancements, usability improvements, and bug fixes. Here are some highlights.

New Plugins – There are new plugins for PeopleSoft, OpenShift, and JFrog Xray. This is an example of the bread and depth of the FlexDeploy support for technologies, including COTS/package applications, containerization, and static code analysis.

  • PeopleSoft – The FlexDeploy PeopleSoft plugin makes it easy to migrate PeopleSoft projects from one environment to another, generate build SQL files, and compare project definitions on your target database.
  • OpenShift – The OpenShift plugin helps manage resources in a cluster by performing OpenShift CLI commands including apply, label, delete, run, and exec.
  • JFrog Xray – The Xray plugin makes it easy to execute Xray tests as part of a CI/CD release pipeline.

Enhanced and Updated Plugins  There were updates and enhancements to plugins including Salesforce, Oracle CX Commerce, Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle API Platform, REST, and Tomcat.

Usability and User Experience Improvements  We deliver ongoing enhancements to optimize the experience while using FlexDeploy. Improvements in this release include a new Blueprint for Oracle ADF/WebLogic and Oracle CX Commerce, security password management improvements, and improvements to reporting for Approval and Scheduled Tasks.

Webhooks Enhancements – Multiple new features including a function for executing Utility Projects which can execute on specified instances as well as set workflow inputs and Flexfield values. There are also new functions to create a package based on polling results and retrieve a package. For more information on our Webhook enablement, see our blog series HERE.

Check out the FlexDeploy Release Notes for details, and come and get it!

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