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Interview with Eugene Fedorenko, Senior Architect at Flexagon

Getting to Know Eugene Fedorenko 

Born and raised in the Ukraine. Expert in containers and serverless. Senior Architect at a DevOps Platform company. It’s hard not to be curious about the subject of these statements.  

Eugene Fedorenko, a senior architect at Flexagon, has been working with us full time since 2017. He’s been a wealth of knowledge for the organization and a friendly and warm presence in the office. It’s been great having him on board. 

We sat down with Eugene for a short interview. 

So, let’s get to know Eugene Fedorenko.  

Can you please tell us about your history in programming/development? 

Eugene: Okay. I am Ukrainian, so I used to live and work in Ukraine. However, a couple of years ago I joined Flexagon and relocated to the U.S. 

In Ukraine, I used to work for a Ukrainian software company called CS Integra. I had been working for them for 16 years.  My final position at the company was as the deputy CTO. I was in charge of running projects related to Oracle Fusion Middleware. The company focuses on banking software and is a leader in the local Ukrainian market. So, the flagship product is a core banking system which is used by more than 60 Ukrainian banks. It’s based on Oracle DataBase and the original version of the client was written in Delphi.  

In 2008, I convinced managers of the company to start a new project and to develop a new system using Oracle ADF. At that time, I was quite an experienced guy in Oracle SQL, PL/SQL and Delphi, of course, because I’d been working with that for 8 years. I even managed to pass an exam for OCP as a DBA of Oracle 9i. But ADF was quite new for me. I started to learn ADF and I really loved it. I enjoyed it so much, that ADF became my most powerful skills, even more, ADF became my way of my professional life.  

The project I started happened to be successful. The system works in production in Ukrainian banks and it’s getting more and more popular. Besides the core banking system, we started a few projects developing some satellite systems like treasury front-end system, cash-management system, money transferring and such. 

In 2016 I joined eProseed company in the Netherlands. My position at eProseed was as a master principal RD architect focusing on Oracle ADF.  

I was involved in a number of projects, but probably the most valuable one was a project at Eurotransplant. The goal of the project was to account donors and available organs and perform the matching. In that project I played the leading role acting as a scrum muster.  

In 2017 I moved to the U.S. and started working for Flexagon as a senior architect. Here I am focused on development of their flagship product FlexDeploy which is a fully automated DevOps solution. At Flexagon, besides being an ADF expert, I started focusing on containers-related technologies and projects such as Docker and KubernetesIm also digging into serverless paradigm playing with Oracle Project Fn. 

Outside of work, I like to share my knowledge and experience with the community. I run a quite popular blog on ADF Practice. I also speak pretty often at many international conferences like OOW, Oracle Code, OUG conferences in Europe and in the U.S. And I was a technical reviewer of a book on Oracle ADF. 

How did you become part of Flexagon?  

E: I started looking for an opportunity to leave Ukraine in 2014, due to well-known reasons. Flexagon at that time was at the very beginning of their journey and was looking for guys capable of driving the development of FlexDeploy. So, we met each other and agreed to help each other!  

Whats your favorite part about your career?   

E: Hard to say. I was very excited every time when I was diving into new technologies. Well, technologies that were new to me. For example, in 2008 I started projects with Oracle ADF and just a year ago I started digging deeply into containers and serverless. 

But I believe that my favorite part of my career is still in my future.  

What are you most excited about for the future of software?  

E: Well, I don’t have a crystal ball, but now I am very excited about technologies related to containers, serverless, machine learning and AI. I believe they’re game changers and the entire industry will be driven by them sooner or later. However, I know for sure that in a few years there will be other trends that will be considered as game changers. Theyre just not invented yet. And that’s whatreally exciting.  

What’s your favorite color Starburst?  

E: Blue. 

Thank you so much for letting me ask you a few questions. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule. 

E: Anytime. Thank you.  

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