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Webinar Recap: Unlock the Power of DevOps and CI/CD for Oracle EBS and Cloud Applications 

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the efficiency and adaptability of your IT infrastructure plays a pivotal role in determining your position in the market. Organizations utilizing Oracle Cloud Applications or Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) are presented with a game-changing opportunity through the adoption of DevOps and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices.

Flexagon recently hosted an insightful webinar shedding light on the immense potential of DevOps and CI/CD to revolutionize the Oracle Cloud journey, supported by success stories from industry giants such as Heathrow Airport, HNI, and Avery Dennison.

Why DevOps and CI/CD Matter

In the sphere of software development and operations, DevOps and CI/CD transcend mere industry jargon to become indispensable methodologies that nurture a culture of collaboration and operational efficiency. DevOps acts as a bridge between development and operations teams, enabling expedited and more dependable software releases. Meanwhile, CI/CD serves as a cornerstone of DevOps, automating the software delivery pipeline to ensure seamless and rapid deployment of every code modification.

Transformation Through Flexagon: Real-World Achievements

Avery Dennison: Optimal Operations with Unified Solutions
Avery Dennison underwent a significant metamorphosis by streamlining their toolchain across the software lifecycle using Flexagon’s FlexDeploy platform. This transition eliminated manual interventions, replaced disparate tools with a consolidated solution, and led to improved capabilities, governance, visibility, and operational efficiencies, including automated deployments and notable quality enhancements.

HNI: Precision Delivery and Lifecycle Management
By embracing FlexDeploy, HNI achieved a remarkable 98% reduction in deployment errors and slashed audit review hours by 90%, demonstrating a substantial productivity surge of 90%. The automation of previously manual tasks not only enhanced delivery processes but also nurtured a culture of innovation and efficiency within the organization.

Heathrow Airport: Holistic DevOps Implementation
Heathrow Airport harnessed Flexagon’s DevOps platform to support its entire IT ecosystem, empowering users to swiftly oversee cloud infrastructure and seamlessly integrate with existing tools. This strategic initiative facilitated rapid environment updates, minimized business disruptions, and bolstered end-to-end lifecycle automation, enhancing reliability and operational speed.

Learning Opportunities: 

  • Simplified Development and Administration: Streamline code migration, configuration, and data transfers between on-premises and cloud environments for enhanced development, administration, and release processes.
  • Ensuring Secure and High-Quality Software Delivery: Implement strategies for secure and high-quality software delivery while effectively monitoring tasks, deployments, and releases.
  • Experience Automation Firsthand: Witness the efficacy and quality improvements achievable by migrating existing Oracle assets to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), adopting new Oracle Cloud Apps and Infra, and automating toolchains and enterprise software.

Embark on Your Oracle Cloud Transformation Journey

Whether your goal is to refine development and delivery workflows, establish secure software delivery practices, or derive insights from industry frontrunners, this webinar offered invaluable guidance. Join Flexagon in exploring how the strategic integration of DevOps and CI/CD can elevate the pace, efficiency, and quality of your Oracle cloud deployments, propelling your organization towards digital transformation.

For further insights and webinar registration, visit our resources.

In the era of digital evolution, staying ahead necessitates continuous adaptation. Let Flexagon accompany you on the transformational voyage and unleash the full potential of your Oracle EBS and Cloud Applications through the empowerment of DevOps and CI/CD.

A Platform Designed for Oracle Cloud Application DevOps

FlexDeploy further extends Oracle Cloud Applications through native automation plugins for Oracle integration and API gateway, Oracle OTBI and BIP, low-code APEX, and several other Oracle technologies. As demonstrated, this comprehensive DevOps platform simplifies the building, deploying, and migrating of artifacts, objects, files, snapshots, and packages with built-in change detection, empowering organizations to optimize their software delivery performance while mitigating security and compliance risks. 

Get your free FlexDeploy demo today and unleash the full potential of Oracle Fusion Applications and elevate your DevOps practice across the board. 

Speed Your Oracle Cloud Journey with DevOps and CI/CD

See FlexDeploy, the Comprehensive DevOps Solution for Oracle Cloud Applications, in Action

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