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Key Takeaways from OOW London 2020

Oracle OpenWorld Europe: London 2020

OOW London was a whirlwind of exciting innovation and ground-breaking technology! Here are some key takeaways from the event…

Cloud, Cloud, Cloud!

Oracle, Partners, and Customers were talking cloud IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS throughout the week. It was nice to hear a combination of customer panels, partner journeys, and various deep dives sessions which focused on successful implementations. PaaS and IaaS were often cited as key to extending SaaS, including heavy use of Integration Cloud and custom extensions built with Java, Node.js, and other technologies.

(Check out this free, on-demand webinar to hear about the 2020 State of DevOps for Oracle Cloud.)

Oracle Integration Cloud and Database

OIC and DB were topics that were particularly of interest, with many sessions covering each. In addition to the Autonomous DB, APEX received positive press during the event. Not surprising, as APEX has been ramping up in usage over the past few years. The Integration Cloud is clearly the strategic overall integration technology in Oracle’s product portfolio. There was also discussion on microservices and APIs.

Don’t forget about traditional Database, Middleware, and Apps

As much as Oracle and all of us are talking about cloud IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, we heard repeatedly that customers want to improve their existing processes and technologies as well as adopt cloud. That means thing like traditional Oracle DB, Fusion Middleware, and apps like E-Business Suite are still of significant interest to many attendees. Some customers are using hybrid environments whereby they are leaving existing technology on premises and adopting cloud for new solutions. Others are shifting their database, middleware, and apps to the cloud and running on IaaS/OCI and some on PaaS. Java and SOA are commonly lifted and shifted onto their PaaS equivalents; however, many customers are choosing to move such technologies onto OIC and bring their licenses for these products along.

Automation in many forms

The value of automation was heard in many sessions throughout the event, examples include sessions on DevOps, CI/CD, and of course the underlying automation related to cloud infra, platform, and apps. It was awesome to have so many customers and partners visit the Flexagon booth! It gave us a chance to hear their current state and talk though how FlexDeploy could provide value via automation, controls/governance, and visibility which is hard to achieve without a focused solution.

In our most recent webinar, customers shared their experiences adopting DevOps. You can watch the recording for free!

Are you interested in hearing more about FlexDeploy? Feel free to reach out with any comments or questions!


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