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Webinar Review: DevOps for Agile Project and Service Management

The following is a summary of the information covered in the webinar: DevOps for Agile Project and Service Management. You can watch the recording here.

The Challenge of Agile Project and Service Management

Agile project management and service management play critical roles in managing, delivering, and auditing changes across the software delivery pipeline. However, many organizations find themselves manually synchronizing their tools.

Tools like Jira and ServiceNow are critical to your processes but manually making changes and synchronizing using either spreadsheets or brainpower slows you down. This negatively impacts your productivity.

Additionally, there is limited traceability. This is not only challenging and frustrating for you as changes move through the pipeline, but it also makes audits a challenge.

In turn, the lack of streamlined and traceable processes creates friction around governance and compliance, slowing delivery even further.

This manual system also makes your team reactive to failure conditions. When a deployment fails, you must manually create a ServiceNow change ticket, for example. Just another task to add to your to-do list and disrupt your workflow.

Agile is about increasing collaboration between teams and decreasing the time between the start of development and delivery to the end user. Without an Agile mindset, developers work on the same projects but don’t synch their changes, discord between development and operations is prevalent, and the number of revisions and mistakes is detrimental to deadlines.

How can you solve these challenges?

Integrate Agile Project and Service Management with DevOps Tooling

Organizations leverage DevOps tooling to establish more efficient and effective software development and delivery processes. This allows them to deliver higher quality changes faster, while also decreasing cost and risk.

You can integrate agile project and service management tools with DevOps tooling to achieve these benefits. First, you need find a DevOps platform that integrates with your agile project management and service management tools.

A DevOps Solution for Integrating Agile Project and Service Management

FlexDeploy is a DevOps platform for continuous delivery and release automation with extensive support for a wide variety of agile project and service management tools.

FlexDeploy integrates the tool chain, from the upfront planning through to service and change management. There is out-of-the-box support for Jira, ServiceNow, Freshservice, Azure DevOps, BMC Remedyforce, and many more.

With FlexDeploy, you can automate the process of managing changes across your environments. Whether you are developing a custom application, a packaged application, or managing cloud resources, you can move them through your pipeline and into a production environment in an automated and repeatable way. This involves a variety of functions within FlexDeploy’, including build automation, continuous integration, deployment automation, and release orchestration.

FlexDeploy helps you solve problems associated with myriad agile project management use cases:

  • Link a Ticket/Issue to source control (Git, SVN, Perforce, etc.)
  • Link a Ticket/Issue to a build
  • Link a Ticket/Issue to a deployment
  • Link a Ticket/Issue to a release
  • Trigger notifications of many types, such as deployment or test failures

Similarly, you can use FlexDeploy for these service management use cases:

  • Change Management
    • Link existing Change Management tickets to deployment requests
    • Automatically create Change Management tickets as part of the pipeline
    • External approval gates monitor linked change tickets and approve automatically
    • Trace all deployment executions back to their linked change ticket(s)
    • Policy based approval gates
  • Incident Management
    • Automatically create new Incident on deployment or pipeline execution failure

Watch the Webinar Today to Learn More

In this short 30-minute webinar, Dan Goerdt, President of Flexagon, walks through a demonstration of FlexDeploy. He shows how you can use this DevOps platform to optimize your agile project management and service management tools.

Watch the recording today!

Watch the Webinar

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