FlexDeploy is an integrated DevOps software platform for teams that need to deliver high-quality software quickly.

Flexagon specializes in helping IT teams deliver software. Our FlexDeploy platform eliminates tool sprawl and makes development easier and faster for software teams. We help you:

  • Deliver software in less time with automation and better collaboration
  • Reduce errors and manual tasks
  • Increase uptime with automated deployments  and rollback capability

Save Time and Decrease Errors

Software and IT teams are often bogged down by repetitive, manual tasks. With FlexDeploy, you can standardize processes with repeatable steps and use automation to reduce manual tasks, producing higher quality software with fewer errors.

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Streamline Processes and Increase Visibility into Changes

Built-in tracking, reporting, and dashboards give you more visibility into how software is being developed and released. Set permissions to improve security and see who made what changes, when, and where.

“FlexDeploy provides the streamlined, repeatable, and controlled delivery process that we were looking for. Exactly what we needed.” – Andy Birch, Director of Oracle Applications, Starkey

Work with the Software Your Team Prefers

FlexDeploy DevOps software is a platform you can anchor your enterprise deployment and release processes on. Use integrations to connect the tools already in your IT deployment and delivery ecosystem and use plugins to automate the activities you are currently performing manually or writing scripts to accomplish.

FlexDeploy's Pre-Built Integrations and Plugins

Automation Out-of-the-Box

FlexDeploy helps eliminate tool sprawl by supporting the technologies your team needs. FlexDeploy DevOps software has built in support major market players for both commercial and open-source technologies including Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware, E-Business Suite, Cloud, MuleSoft, Salesforce, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and more.

Comprehensive DevOps Software for Enterprises

Flexagon is committed to making software delivery faster and easier. We’ll help you optimize your delivery processes to deliver software with fewer errors in less time.

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