DevOps Technologies

Flexagon is a DevOps technologies company that specializes in providing an integrated solution for the three pillars of the software delivery lifecycle: Build, Deploy, and Release. We help you:

  • Reduce tool sprawl by supporting multiple stages of software delivery in a single tool
  • Collaborate effectively by bringing development, operations, QA, and other teams into one platform
  • Cut down on manual tasks and scripting with a comprehensive feature set including plugins for and integrations to popular tools

DevOps technologies include automation that reduces manual tasks.

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Increase Efficiency by Reducing Manual Tasks

Flexagon’s DevOps technologies significantly reduce the manual processes and scripting that hold many IT teams back. We’ll help you standardize tasks and take full advantage of automation.

Deliver Software to Market Faster

We’ll help you improve your software delivery lifecycle so you can get software to market up to 80 percent faster.

“The team was elated with the results. The developers felt that they were being provided with a strong tool that made their jobs easier without a bunch of wrangling, complex training, or complex software to install on every PC. In short, it just works.” – Rob Elliott, Senior E-Business Suite Developer, Starkey

Optimize Your IT Ecosystem with DevOps Technologies

Our platform reduces tools sprawl by covering multiple stages of the software development and delivery lifecycle, while integrating with your existing toolchain investment.. Work with the software your team is most effective with while getting all the benefits of comprehensive DevOps technologies.

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