In the spirit of continuous delivery, we release new versions of FlexDeploy monthly. FlexDeploy is a fast follower to FlexDeploy 5.5, a major product version delivered in February. FlexDeploy includes enhancements, usability improvements, and bug fixes. Here are a few highlights!

Oracle Business Intelligence Enhancements for SaaS and on premise – FlexDeploy includes support for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence for SaaS (OTBI), and Oracle Analytics Server (OAS). This release includes productivity and usability improvements for build and deployments for OBIEE, OTBI, and OAS.

Oracle SaaS CX Commerce – Extending the support delivered for CX Commerce in FlexDeploy 5.5, this release supports deployment of file and resource types such as Global Resource, Page Layout, Site Settings, Snippets, Stack, Static, Theme, Widget, and Global Element. These files can be sourced from tools like Git and SVN or from a CX Commerce development environment. Additional plugin operations are available for publishing deployed objects and checking for unpublished objects.

Salesforce – Optimization of the development and deployment experience is core to FlexDeploy’s support for Salesforce. This release provides dependency management enhancements for automatically pulling the dependent meta data files and committing them to source control.

Change and Service Management Integration – A native integration is now available for Jira Service Management for ITSM.

Usability and User Experience Improvements – We deliver ongoing enhancements to optimize the experience while using FlexDeploy. This release includes improvements such as endpoint and SSH connection management, additional context for email approvals in a release pipeline, an option to inactivate missing files for partial deployments, and the addition of Azure Git as a source control provider for Blueprints.

Enhanced and Updated Plugins – There were updates and enhancements to numerous plugins including Terraform, Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), SonarQube, Oracle Database, Oracle EBS, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), and more.

Check out the FlexDeploy Release Notes for details, and come and get it!

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Dan Goerdt

I have been in technology leadership roles for the past 20 years, spanning operating system and middleware product development, technology architecture, and software solution delivery focused on Oracle, IBM, and Open Source technologies. My experience with software automation contributed to the genesis and evolution of FlexDeploy, and I’m currently leading Strategy, Marketing, and Sales for Flexagon’s Products and Services.

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