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Speed Your Oracle Cloud Journey with DevOps and CI/CD 

In a recent webinar, Flexagon showcased how the adoption of DevOps and CI/CD practices can revolutionize your Oracle Cloud journey.

FlexDeploy 8.0: A Milestone in Transformation

Boost DevOps Efficiency with FlexDeploy 8.0! Discover drag-and-drop workflows, enhanced security, & more. Watch to simplify automation & supercharge your…

Simplify Oracle Integration and API Artifact Deployments

Discover how FlexDeploy can streamline development processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency by automating the deployment of Oracle Integration artifacts…

Simplify and Enable DevOps for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications 

In a recent webinar, FlexDeploy showcased the comprehensive DevOps solution for Oracle Fusion Cloud applications, emphasizing the optimization of business systems…

Deep Dive into Software Delivery for Oracle e-Business Suite

Learn how integrating Oracle e-business suite (EBS) with a robust and comprehensive software delivery platform is essential for organizations seeking…

DevOps Made Simple for Oracle Cloud Apps

This webinar discussed the challenges of managing deployments in a hybrid cloud environment with Oracle Cloud and legacy systems. It…

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