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Improve productivity and predictability, while reducing cost and standardizing Dev and Ops toolchains.

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IT (Dev and Ops) teams need to move fast and release frequently, while maintaining high quality. Optimizing DevOps within the Enterprise requires both the flexibility to leverage a broad range of tools across the toolchain while standardizing the end-to-end software delivery process. Many organizations want to consolidate tools to streamline processes and allow cross-team sharing. Orchestrating the tools in an efficient, repeatable, auditable way is a must-have for establishing enterprise scale DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices.

FlexDeploy’s DevOps orchestration tools helped Charter Manufacturing decrease deployment time by 50%

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Before DevOps

Extremes from a complete lack of tools to a mess with tool sprawl. The result in either case is complexity and a lack of consistency and repeatability.
Significant time spent knitting together tools, scripts, and manual processes, resulting in slow, high-cost, and error-prone software delivery.
Lack of visibility across the build, deploy, test, and release processes,  resulting in hard-to-diagnose outages, challenging audits, and a lack of clarity on who moved what where, when, and who approved it.
High cost of software and supporting environments due to a combination of licensing costs, administration time, upkeep, and a lack of best practices.

After DevOps

An automated, integrated, and repeatable delivery process from provisioning and configuration management through the build/deploy/test/release process. Simplicity drives efficiency.
Thanks to automation, scripting and manual processes are significantly reduced and often eliminated, increasing the speed and reducing errors, outages, and cost.
Integrated and comprehensive toolchain ensures visibility and continuous feedback across all aspects of solution development and delivery. Improved visibility results in troubleshooting optimization through compliance and audit effectiveness.
Simplicity of a single DevOps platform to manage the entire toolchain reduces the cost of implementing and supporting the overall software delivery lifecycle and support.

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FlexDeploy – the Comprehensive, Integrated, and Open DevOps Platform

Implementing an Enterprise DevOps approach requires a framework to organize and control your software delivery pipeline. Flexagon FlexDeploy provides a comprehensive solution across the key phases of software development through delivery. FlexDeploy contains integrated features for Build, Continuous Integration, Deploy, Test, and Release Automation – all in one product and all for one price. FlexDeploy is also open and extensible, including many plugins and integrations to popular open source tools and technologies. The results, the best of both world.  FlexDeploy unifies all your DevOps tools into a single interface, where you can orchestrate and automate the entire software delivery and deployment process.

“FlexDeploy is more than a deployment engine, it’s an orchestration engine that provides consistent project execution.”

See how FlexDeploy helped Charter accelerate application deployments by 50%.

How FlexDeploy accelerated application deployments by 50%


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