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Simplify Oracle Integration and API Artifact Deployments

Streamline development processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency by automating deployment of Oracle Integration artifacts and APIs.
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reduction in deployment time
reduction in deployment-related errors
productivity gain by removing manual tasks
reduction in audit review hours for deployments

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Agile. Efficient. Secure.

A Comprehensive Solution for Pipeline Automation and Release Management

FlexDeploy for Oracle Cloud Integration and API Gateway provides a comprehensive solution for pipeline automation and release management.

Automate deployment of OCI integration artifact and API gateway artifacts

Eliminate manual steps and scripting

Reduce cost and risk

Adopt Continuous Integration and Release Pipelines

Plug & Play DevOps toolchain

Improve quality and velocity of delivery

Automated Deployment Support

Empowering OIC—and Employees—with Automation, Control and Visibility

Deploying With Confidence

Thanks to FlexDeploy’s release and pipeline functionality, I can let FlexDeploy run the show, and it’s all the same, month over month. All the deployments to OIC have other system deployments in tandem. We can structure our monthly release so FlexDeploy manages all the different artifacts. We get the benefits of OIC for integration with the benefits of FlexDeploy for automation, control and visibility to change.

– Maxx Williams, HNI Applications Manager

Solution Benefits

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Streamline and automate deployments

Automate CI/CD Pipeline for Oracle Integration and API Gateway, from building, testing and deploying code, to managing and tracking releases.

Leverage pre-built integrations

Out-of-box integrations with your preferred DevOps tools, including Git, Jenkins, Jira, and more.

Increase visibility and control

Get real-time visibility into your delivery pipeline and track and manage every aspect of your Oracle Integration and API artifacts.

Reduce costs and increase ROI

With automated processes, pre-built integrations, and streamlined workflows you can reduce the time and cost of deploying changes, saving valuable resources, increasing efficiency, resulting in higher value delivery.

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