Test Automation

Anyone who has written PL/SQL code can attest to the fact that it is very semantic, where the smallest change in logic can yield drastically different results. With that knowledge, it’s safe to assume that the ability to unit test your PL/SQL packages can be extremely helpful and is almost a necessity. FlexDeploy already has

Continuous Integration is a practice where development teams integrate and test their changes in a shared environment on a regular basis, often several times per day.  This practice is used to eliminate the painful integrations which occur when merging large change sets across teams – a very typical pain point in traditional development lifecycles.  With

July 6, 2016 – Flexagon today announced FlexDeploy 3.7 is now available. FlexDeploy 3.7 provides enhancements for existing plugins such as Oracle E-Business Suite, Atlassian Jira, Fusion Middleware, and other new plugins, features, and usability enhancements driven by customer feedback. FlexDeploy is a DevOps and Application Release Automation platform that lowers project risk and cost,

January 7, 2016 – On the heels of the extremely well received FlexDeploy 3.0 release at Oracle OpenWorld in October 2015, Flexagon today announced FlexDeploy 3.1 is now available. With 3.0 users saw enhancements for Oracle Cloud, test automation, E-Business Suite, and Fusion Middleware. FlexDeploy 3.1 provides additional support for Fusion Middleware and Cloud PaaS,

In two previous posts I gave overviews of how FlexDeploy’s EBS plugin can automate EBS deployments, and how FlexDeploy supports your development team in deploying changes to EBS Release 12.2 and above. (Quick review: FlexDeploy is DevOps and Continuous Delivery for Oracle Fusion Middleware, Cloud, and Applications. FlexDeploy streamlines the processes for building, deploying, and

Flexagon Unveils New Version of FlexDeploy at Oracle OpenWorld Flexagon FlexDeploy 3.0 – Automating the Enterprise October 25, 2015 – At Oracle OpenWorld today, Flexagon announced FlexDeploy Version 3.0 is now available. FlexDeploy significantly lowers project risk and complexity and accelerates the overall project delivery. FlexDeploy provides a comprehensive and integrated platform for managing the

Flexagon recently invited Eugene Fedorenko to beta test and review FlexDeploy 3.0.  Eugene is a recognized Oracle ADF expert, an accomplished blogger, and a long-time proponent of automated software testing.   He has completed his review and has posted a very well written article to his blog.  His blog article focuses on the test automation features