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Webinar Review: FlexDeploy Integration with Test Automation

The following is an introduction to the information covered in the webinar: FlexDeploy Integration with Test Automation. Watch the on-demand recording here.

The Challenges of Software Delivery

There is a constant push to deliver high-quality software as quickly and effectively as possible. To enable improvements in cost, speed, and quality, organizations are adopting agile processes at an increasing rate. This includes adopting continuous integration and continuous delivery, incorporating DevOps practices, automating the build and deploy process, and managing releases more efficiently with automation.

There are countless challenges for enterprises whose processes are grounded in traditional approaches, including Waterfall methodology, monolithic systems, and an on-prem infrastructure. Those with Agile methodologies, a continuous mindset, and new architectures and platforms are equipped to drive innovation, respond to rapid changes in your industry, and capture a competitive advantage.

Side note: Whether you are using traditional approaches, practicing the newest software delivery, or somewhere in between, Flexagon can help. We can meet you wherever you are!

Integrating Test and Quality Automation

Achieving speed within the software delivery process requires end-to-end automation. Achieving quality in your delivery requires extensive testing at various stages of the lifecycle. Although there is a place for manual tests, organizations need to increase test quality and effectiveness, and that means they need to incorporate automated testing.

This allows you to deliver with both quality AND speed.

Consider how test and quality automation relates to your entire software delivery process, from planning through development. You can incorporate test and quality automation throughout the lifecycle. Start with whatever makes the most sense for you initially and continue to adopt automation overtime.

As you do this, you want to ‘shift left’. This means pulling test and quality automation closer and closer to the front-end of your development and release lifecycle. This will save you time and money while becoming more continuous.

While automation is critical, remember to also prioritize visibility. This includes knowing what tests were run, where were they were run, and who was involved. Additionally, you should know what is working and what needs alterations/improvements. Answers can be found in dashboards, reports, execution logs, etc.

Furthermore, if you invest and automate enough, you can achieve continuous deployment. This means a change is committed by a developer, automatically triggering a build and deployment, and flowing through an entire pipeline and into production without any human intervention.

Test and Quality Automation Examples

There are several categories of test and quality automation that you can incorporate and tool options for each.

  • Static Code Analysis: SonarQube, ApexSec
  • Security: Acunetix, WhiteSource, Twistlock, Qualys, Fortify
  • Unit Test: JUnit, utPLSQL, Salesforce Unit and Code Coverage
  • Functional Test: Selenium, Tricentis Tosca, Oracle ATS, HP UFT, Salesforce Validation, Cucumber
  • Integration Test: SoapUI, Postman, API Fortress
  • Load/Performance Test: JMeter, LoadRunner, Silk Performer
  • Data Fix Validation: FlexDeploy
  • Container Scanning: Docker Bench, Anchore

These are further discussed and demonstrated during the webinar.

When & Where & What to Execute

When should you execute automated test and quality checks? Where should automated test and quality checks be executed? Answer these questions and many more in this webinar!

Additionally, Dan Goerdt, the President of Flexagon, demonstrates how FlexDeploy’s integrations with popular test tools make it easy to plan and execute tests automatically and as part of an integrated delivery process.

Access the full webinar today to see how you can use FlexDeploy to achieve more agile, high quality, and cost-effective software delivery!

Watch the Recording

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